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AVG Internet Security first in industry to achieve accreditation

West Coast Labs, a global leader in research, real-time testing and certification for information security products and services, has awarded AVG Technologies with the Checkmark Anti-Malware Dynamic Certification for its Internet Security product, making AVG Technologies the first vendor to achieve this accreditation.

AVG is the first company to be awarded the Checkmark Anti-Malware Dynamic Certification and is now fully committed to Real Time Testing.

Comprehensive Testing Key to Validating Product Claims

Checkmark Certification with Dynamic Test Methodology, the latest offering from West Coast Labs, is designed specifically with the user experience in mind. In addition to testing products the way they are used in the work or work at home environment, deciding which samples are actually tested is of great importance. Drawing on the Real Time Network, the test suite for the Dynamic testing is refined to reflect prevalence within attack vectors and by geography. This testing in combination with the Checkmark standard and Real Time Test network provides

the broadest range of evaluation metrics available.

Checkmark is the world's fastest growing certification system for information security products and services. It is a highly regarded accreditation program that provides end users with confirmation of a product or service's effective functionality and performance.

West Coast Labs' Real Time testing program for security products comprises ongoing testing against malware samples collected in real time around the world - 24x7x365 - and across multiple 'attack' vectors. Currently, the Real Time Testing program for content security products and service includes Real Time Anti-malware, Real Time Anti-spam and Real Time URL Filtering.

Lysa Myers, director of research, Westcoast Labs, says: "Understanding a product's performance and functionality from the user experience versus simply a lab setting is paramount to accurate validation and certification of product performance claims. The heightened demand by end users for comprehensive product testing with the user experience in mind is the basis for West Coast Labs' Dynamic Testing and we're pleased that AVG understands the importance of this testing perspective."

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