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What is the best Health Insurance for couples?

At GMHBA Health Insurance we’ve got you covered with Health Insurance that will suit your budget and needs. You can choose from our different packages that can be tailored to you if circumstances change - such as you are thinking of starting a family.

Many people consider Private Health Insurance not just an important investment but a necessity for their own wellbeing. It is their way of knowing they are covered through all of life’s good and bad times. The best health insurance for couples is one that will give them the securities they need.

The main reason for couples to take out Private Health Insurance is for peace of mind. They know they have access to the top level of care and treatment without the waiting periods and financial burden. Whether it be planning a family or confronting an illness you will be covered.

Your hospital cover will cover you for some or all of the accommodation, theatre fees and services when you are admitted to hospital in either a public or private hospital. Your extras cover, covers the costs of services that are not covered by Medicare. Some of these include general dental, optical, physiotherapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy and lots more.

The advantages of having the best Private Health Insurance for couples

You'll also be covered for things you expect to go to hospital for, like having a baby or a current medical condition you may have. You also always know that you're also covered for those misfortunes and accidents that happen in life when you have private health insurance as well. Health insurance can cover you for:

  • Hospital and ancillary services
  • Accommodation

    in private and public hospitals

  • Theatre fees
  • Doctors’ fees
  • Short waiting times

When you are considering what the best health insurance is for couples there are a few things worth considering:

Lifetime Health Cover for Couples

This is a Government scheme to encourage people to take out health insurance earlier in life. If you take out hospital cover before the age of 30 and continue to keep it you pay the lowest base rate. However, if you do not have private health insurance after the 31st of July after your 31st birthday you are penalised with a 2% age loading on hospital component of your cover each year. See Medicare Levy Surcharge for more information.

The Medicare Levy Surcharge for Couples

When considering the best health insurance for couples you need to take into account the current Medicare Levy Surcharge threshold for couples which currently is $180,000. This means that if you have a combined income of $180,000 and you do not have hospital cover you will be charged between 1%-1.5% in extra tax each year.

Making Sure you are covered…What is a Waiting Period?

When you first join,re-join after some time without health insurance or change to a higher level of cover with additional services or benefits, a waiting period will apply. So make sure you are covered when you are joining. If you switch to us from another private health insurer, we’ll generally recognise any waiting periods you’ve already served for comparable benefits.

GMHBA can provide couples with different policies and quotes for health insurance, so you are guaranteed to find the best deals that will satisfy all your requirements.

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