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What is bloomberg certification

what is bloomberg certification

Bloomberg Equity Certification

What is the Bloomberg certification program? It’s a series of online exams. These exams include questions on what commands to use to get particular data from Bloomberg. As you may have noticed, Bloomberg works on a command system. Bloomberg certification will take approximately 20 hours per student to complete. Make sure to bring earphones in order to respect others in the lab and overcome the low volume of the Bloomberg keyboard speaker.

In order to get a Bloomberg certificate in Equities, you have to pass any fifteen exams:

  1. Introductory Level (I001, I002, I003, I004, I005).
  2. Level I (E101, E102, E103, E104).
  3. Level II (E201, E202, E203, E204, E205).
  4. Level III (E301, E302, E303, E304, E305, E306, E307, E308).

Equities Certification Process:

  1. Type: <BU> <GO> (green key). You will get to the main menu of Bloomberg University.
  2. Click on “Online interactive seminars” and click on desired course (e.g. “I001 – Introduction”).
  3. Watch a video (30-40 minutes) explaining to you the course. Take notes.
  4. In the end of the video, you will be given a reference code for that course. Write it down.
  5. Go to Bloomberg University menu (<BU> <GO>). Click on “Bloomberg Certification Program” and then click on “Contact us”.
  6. Write an email: “I’m ready to take the exam I001. I have completed watching the video. My reference code is _______.” Type: <1> <GO> to send the email.
  7. The same or the next day you will be able to take the exam (Bloomberg representatives will tell you that the exam enabling process could take up to 48 hours, but average processes during normal working hours take 2-3 hours).
  8. To take the exam, go to Bloomberg University menu (<BU> <GO>). Click on “Bloomberg Certification Program” and then click on “Exams”. There will be “I001 - Introduction” listed. Click on it to take the exam.
  9. After you pass the exam, go back to the Step 2.
  10. Repeat

    this procedure for all other exams.

About the Exams:

  • All exams are online.
  • Each exam consists of 10 questions, all multiple-choice and escalates in difficulty as the certification progresses.
  • You need 70% of correct answers (7 questions) to pass the exam. You will not be able to re-take an exam if you fail.
  • In order to speed up the process, you can ask for multiple tests to be enabled at once. Bloomberg representatives will, more than likely, not enable more than two or three tests at any time. This method will allow you to watch two or three videos at night, take notes, ask to have those exams enabled, and take them the next day.

After you have completed all the exams, send an email to a Bloomberg representative saying you have completed all the exams. Then you will receive an email asking for your address information. Then, in a couple of weeks, you will receive a nice piece of paper saying that you are a certified Bloomberg user (Equities).

If you are interested, you can get the same certificate in Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange. The procedure is the same.

Tips and Materials:

  • On the class website, you will find an Excel file called “Bloomberg Shortcuts”. This is a file which outlines commonly used Bloomberg functions. This file also acts as a reference of all commands used for most exams. Each spreadsheet in the file corresponds to a particular exam (I001, I002, … E101, etc.).
  • All materials for the exams (.pdf files) are also located on the class website directly downloaded from Bloomberg.
  • Use the dual monitor setup to your advantage. There is no time limit during an exam. If you are unsure of an answer, launch a Bloomberg window in the monitor to the side of your exam and this will allow you to test the functions in a real-world simulation.

Bloomberg Certification Program Handouts

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