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What is bodily injury liability insurance

what is bodily injury liability insurance

Q&A: Bodily Injury Liability

Q. What is Bodily Injury Liability?

A. Bodily Injury Liability extends coverage in the unfortunate case of an accident of which you are at fault, and that results in harm to another person (or persons). If you cause an accident that injures other people, your Bodily Injury Liability insurance will cover the damage you are legally obligated to pay for those injuries and related costs including: 

    Hospital and medical bills Rehabilitation Long-term nursing care Funeral expenses Lost earnings Pain and suffering Legal defense should someone sues you for damages Other damages

Q. Is Bodily Injury Liability coverage required?

A. In most states, yes, bodily injury coverage is mandatory (California included). Most states also require that you hold a minimum limit. In California, it’s required that you have a minimum level of certain types of CA car insurance coverage and this includes Bodily Injury Liability limits of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident.

Q. What does Bodily Injury Liability cover?

A. Bodily Injury Liability limits are generally displayed like this: $50,000/$100,000. This is intended to represent the highest amount

per person and per accident that your California car insurance company would pay if you were in an at-fault accident that harmed others. For example, if your limit was the minimum – $15,000/$30,000 – and you caused an accident that injured other people, your insurer of car insurance in California would pay up to $15,000 of one person’s medical bills and up to $30,000 for more than one person.

Q. How much coverage is necessary?

A. When setting your Bodily Injury Liability limits, you should take inventory of all your assets, including your home and future income. Why? Because if you don’t have adequate California car insurance coverage to protect all of your assets, those assets could be at risk if you’re liable for damages that go above your coverage limit. For this reason, the majority of people secure higher amounts of CA car insurance coverage than the state minimum in order to fully protect themselves in the event of a costly accident.

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