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Issuing Bonafide certificate for an employee who is not having valid proof

what is bonafide certificate

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Dear Seniors,

We are 6 months old consultancy.We have appointed one female employee 4 months back. She is converted from her religion for marriage issues. She has no contact with her parents as she did a inter-cost marriage without their permission. She has changed her name and she produced gazette certificate also for her name change. But now issue is she doesnt have a single proof for her current residence. All her education documents, ration card, voters id are in her parents address with her previous name. She is asking for bonafide certificate for opening bank account where she is expecting us to mention her current residence address. I am hesitating to mention her current

address as we have no valid proof for her address.

Kindly suggest, if we provide bonafide certificate with current home address, will it be a problem in future. More over we have a doubt that she is working here only for getting documents. So please guide me whether i can give bonafide to her.

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