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What is bpec certification limited

what is bpec certification limited

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Established by Government in April 2008, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills is a key recommendation in Lord Leitch's 2006 review of skills. The UK Commission was originally created by the merger of two predecessor organisations, the Sector Skills Development Agency and the National Employer Panel.

Our ambition is to benefit employers, individuals and government by advising how improved employment and skills systems can help the UK become a world-class leader in productivity, in employment and in having a fair and inclusive society: all this in the context of a fast-changing global economy.

As employers have prime responsibility for improving productivity, the UK Commission strengthens the employer voice and provides greater employer influence over the UK's employment and skills systems.

We provide independent advice to the highest levels in the four UK Governments, helping to achieve improvements through strategic policy development, evidence-based analysis and the exchange of good practice.

What are the UK Commission's first key tasks?

In June 2008 we produced a vision,

strategy and operational plan for 2008-09. This was followed by our 2009/10 Business Plan and Five Year Strategic Plan (see documents below). New versions for 2010-2011 will be published here when available.

The key elements of these plans are to annually assess progress towards making the UK a world-class leader in employment and skills by 2020. By recognising differing aims and priorities in the four UK nations, we will advise ministers on the strategies and policies necessary to increase employment, skills and productivity.

As well as providing greater employer influence over the employment and skills systems, we promote employer investment in people. To this end, from April 2010 the UK Commission will become the champion and guardian of the Investors in People brand and range of products and services. The UK Commission will continue to develop Investors in People's reach and impact amongst employers of all types and sizes, to strengthen Investors in People's position at the heart of the UK's business and skills agenda.

Finally, we manage the performance of the employer-led Sector Skills Councils, advising ministers on their relicensing.

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