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What is cap certification

what is cap certification

Get the Professional Edge

Today’s office professional does more than type and file. To get ahead, an administrative professional requires a wide variety of skills including project management, computer applications, organization, scheduling, communications, research, filing, electronic recordkeeping, customer service and event planning. These disciplines are changing so rapidly, it’s hard to keep pace with the changing face of the office on your own.

With admins handling a wider variety of duties beyond strictly clerical roles, it’s essential to learn the latest in office trends, culture and technology. That’s where IAAP comes in. We offer office professionals industry-recognized certification and up-to-date training to help you keep the competitive edge in today’s tough economic times.

OPTIONS Training

OPTIONS Training is a self-study course offered by IAAP. All the concepts are pertinent, no matter what your job is or how long you’ve been in the profession. Each level focuses on career and professional development, people and task skills. Areas that progress over the levels include self-management, team skills, office management and information management.

Learn at your Desk

IAAP has partnered with KRM Information Services. Inc. and McMurry to bring virtual learning events directly to your PC. Let IAAP help you hone your professional skills with audio seminars and audio-and-web-based workshops.

Certification News

Get Certified!

Exam is on May 4, 2013 (registration deadline February 15, 2013) and Exam on November 2, 2013(registration deadline is August 15, 2013.) Application packets must be postmarked by February 15, 2013 for the May Exam. Don’t miss your window of opportunity. Get your application in today. Application packets must be postmarked by February 15, 2012. Don’t miss your window of opportunity. Get your application in today.

Get Recertified!

Don’t let your CPS or CAP certification lapse. You have five years to earn 60 points, a perfect opportunity to keep your skills as an office professional up-to-date. Find out more.


The Key to Continued Professionalism

Professional certification attests to the competence of those in a given profession. To ensure maintenance of these high standards, periodic reassessment is used to verify that competencies are maintained. For CAP and CAP-OM holders, that reassessment is accomplished through a program of recertification.

CAP and CAP-OM holders must recertify every five years to

keep their professional certification status. Points are earned in the categories of Education, Experience, Leadership, and an Elective category. A total of 60 points every five years.

The CAP and CAP-OM ratings make a powerful statement of both meeting initial high standards and maintaining those standards through recertification.

All individuals applying for CAP candidacy since January 1, 1988, or later are required to recertify. All CAP holders are required to recertify.

Individuals not keeping current through recertification will have their rating marked inactive.

A certificate, valid for five years, and a recertification pin will be issued each time a CAP or CAP-OM holder is recertified. Detailed information concerning recertification is available in the Recertification Application and/or by contacting the certification department at headquarters.

The Career Advantage

If you’re looking for ways to help you get ahead in the workplace, stop here. We at IAAP offer two professional ratings for office professionals. The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) and Certified Administrative Professional - Office Management (CAP-OM) ratings are the industry recognized standards of proficiency.

You’ll improve your professional qualifications, increase your skills and knowledge and raise your self-esteem by taking and passing the exams. You may also obtain college credit and, according to the latest survey from OfficeTeam. get up to a 7 percent increase in salary.

The CAP and CAP-OM exams are based on the premise that an administrative professional should have basic knowledge of office systems, technology, office administration and management, and know how to apply the principles of good human relations and communications. Some of the examinations are based on knowledge acquired by the office professional through formal education and informal reading. Employers also expect their admin to be thoroughly familiar with current techniques in office practice and procedures and aware of developments in office systems and technology.

Why wait? Do something for yourself and your career today. Get Certified!

The International Association of Administrative Professionals, the premier association for administrative professionals, offers the Certified Administrative Professional rating, or CAP. Also offered are specialties in Organizational Management, OM, or Technology Applications, TA.

For more information on Certification, Recertification, Study Groups, or Review Materials please contact Renee Williams, CAP, at

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