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An Overview of Casualty Coverage

what is casualty insurance

By Gregory Boop. Business Insurance Expert

Casualty insurance is typically combined with property insurance and often referred to as “property and casualty” insurance. However, there is a difference in the type of coverage. This is especially true after the events on September 11, 2001 and the hurricanes in 2004-2005.

Property insurance insures the location of the business while casualty insurance insures the business.

For example, if your business is on the seventh floor of a building and a natural disaster, such as a flood, occurs that wipes out the first floor, but causes no damage to the seventh floor, then any loss would not be covered by your property insurance because there is no direct loss to the location of the business.

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However, if you have business continuation or business interruption insurance you may have coverage for the indirect loss to your business.

Many of these products are developing in today’s world. Insurers are making it necessary to carry additional casualty insurance to cover certain types of losses. These types of coverage include:

  • Terrorism Coverage –

Acts of terrorism or war are not covered by traditional insurance policies – or, so claims the insurers. The attacks on September 11, 2001, resulted in claims exceeding $30 billion. Insurers now specifically exclude terrorism and require the purchase of a terrorism policy.

  • Flood Insurance –

Floods are generally not covered by typical property insurance policies and a separate flood insurance policy is necessary to protect against that risk.

  • Political Risk or Government Liability –

    If you

    do business overseas or have substantial government contracts, then you may want to look into this type of coverage. It protects against a sudden loss due to a sudden political change in a country or withdrawal of a contract without recourse.

  • Other Types –

    There are other types of casualty insurance that seem to be developed in response to the latest news: Cyber-Liability, Identity Theft, Cyber-Fraud, Employee Theft, etcetera.

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    Some of these casualty policies may be critical for the safe operation of your business. More often though, standard casualty coverage offered with a business owners’ policy will be enough casualty coverage and these types of policies are ‘flavors of the month.’

    Casualty insurance also includes certain types of bonds or other limited insurance that have been long standing products and may be very necessary to your business.

    • Employee Theft and Dishonesty –

    This coverage protects your business from loss or damage caused by employee theft. If your employees have access to company funds or handle cash transactions you may want to consider this coverage for the employees.

  • Surety Bonds –

    This form of casualty coverage referred to as a bond insures someone you will contract with that you will complete the contract. If you are in construction or plan on bidding for government jobs, then you will be required to obtain a surety bond to insure your work.

    Casualty insurance is a different type of insurance than property insurance. We will review different forms of casualty insurance and how these can work within your business plan.

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