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What is cb certification

what is cb certification

CB Full Certification Scheme (CB-FCS)

The IECEE Certification Body (CB) Full Certification Scheme (CB-FCS) is an extension of the international IECEE CB Scheme and is an option to be exercised by the participants in the CB Scheme and by Applicants under the same IECEE management structure.

The CB-FCS is a Scheme based on the principle of mutual recognition of Conformity Assessment Certificates (CACs) and Conformity Assessment Reports (CARs) by its Members as the basis for approval or certification, at national level of products within the scope to the standards accepted for use in the IECEE System.

The Scheme is intended to reduce obstacles to international trade that may arise from having to meet different national certification or approval criteria and processes. Participation of the various National Certification Bodies (NCBs) within CB-FCS is intended to facilitate certification or approval according to IEC standards.

Where national standards are not yet completely in line with IEC standards, declared National Differences

are taken into account; however, successful operation of the Scheme presupposes that national standards are reasonably harmonized with the corresponding IEC standards. Use of CB-FCS promotes the exchange of information necessary in assisting manufacturers to obtain certification or approval at a national level in one or multiple countries and regions.

Member NCBs to which an Applicant applies for a national certification or approval (NCBs “B”) accept the "Conformity Assessment Certificate" and associated “Conformity Assessment Report” issued by NCB “A” as a basis for such certification or approval. As a NCB B, its national standards shall be as far as possible be aligned with the IEC and its national certification procedures should as far as possible be harmonized with these Rules of Procedure.

However, if differences exist, they are formally declared to the IECEE Secretariat for publication in order that Member NCBs are able to properly cover these differences when acting as NCB “A”.

For more information, please refer to IECEE 03 Rules of procedure.

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