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The Certified Credit Executive ® (CCE ® ) is NACM's executive level designation which endorses its achievers as capable of managing the credit function at an executive level. Candidates must pass a rigorous, four-hour exam which tests application skills in the areas of accounting, finance, domestic and international credit concepts, management and law.

Ways to Qualify for the CCE Designation Exam:

Plan A: 10 Years Experience, a Four-year Degree and 125 Career Roadmap Points

Plan A requires that applicants have at least 10 years of full-time experience in the field of business credit or financial management, have a four-year degree and can show evidence of 125 Career Roadmap Points. NACM Career Roadmap points are awarded for education (both formal and continuing), work experience and work-related activities, and local, regional and national NACM participation. The CCE Application form may be submitted along with your resume for evaluation.

Plan C: 15 Years Experience, 57 Years of Age or Older, and 125 Career Roadmap Points

Plan C is an option for candidates who may not have earned a degree from a four-year college or university, but have at least 15 years of experience in credit or financial management. After submitting a CCE application form and a completed Career Roadmap documenting 125 Roadmap Points, candidates will be notified in writing of their eligibility to take the CCE exam.

Second Year GSCFM® Students

Upon successfully completing the second year of Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management® program, students may take the CCE designation exam. The standard application requirements are waived, though these students must take and pass the CCE exam to earn the designation.

CCP HOLDERS (formerly FCI)

CCE Recertification

CCEs must apply for recertification every three years. During each three-year period, a total of six recertification points must be earned. Three of the six points must be continuing education points and three points must be participation points.

Education points may be earned by:

    Attending continuing education programs at Conferences, Seminars, Meetings or Roundtables Attending the annual NACM-National Credit Congress Serving as a speaker, presenter or panelist at a local, regional

    or national educational event on a business credit or financial management topic Teaching courses related to business credit or financial management Completing the Advanced Credit Policy course through NACM's Credit Learning Center Completing self-study courses from our Bookstore, including

      Fair, Square and Legal How to Manage Conflict in the Organization Leadership Skills for Managers Performance Management Planning and Leading Productive Meetings

Participation points may be earned by:

    Participating in NACM-sponsored educational Conferences, Seminars, Meetings or Roundtables Serving on the board of directors or as a chair or committee member of a local NACM Affiliated Association, an NACM Industry Credit Group or at the National level of NACM, CFDD or FCIB. Contributing to a Business Credit magazine article Participating in the Credit Manager's Index (CMI) Participating in NACM-National teleconferences or webinars (please note that you must be the registered participant to receive credit) Your company's contribution of its Accounts Receivable Data to an NACM Affiliate credit reporting database.

These are only a few ways which you may accumulate the required recertification points. Please see the CCE recertification brochure for more details

You may find a listing of your NACM education history by visiting and logging in through the link in the upper right corner. Once logged in, click on Check My Account and then Participation to view your CEU earnings, NACM meeting history and CMI survey participation.

CCE Recertification Fees:

Recertification reports are due no later than December 31 of the year of certification expiration. For each three-year period, there is a renewal fee of $175 for members and $300 for nonmembers. Renewal fees are reduced to $150 for members if the renewal application is received by October 31 of the year of certification expiration.

Lifetime CCE Certification

CCEs must apply for recertification every three years until reaching age 60 (or until age 55 and have officially retired from the credit and financial management field.) When you reach age 60 (or 55, having formally retired), you should notify the National Education Department so that you may be granted lifetime certification.

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