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What Is a CCP Certification?

what is ccp certification

The information technology and computer field is one of the most competitive industries to select for a career. Professionals who wish to succeed must demonstrate a solid understanding of relevant technology, as well as a wide breadth of applied experience. The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) is a globally recognized organization that helps IT and computer workers realize their goals through the Certified Computing Professional (CCP) classification, a certification that distinguishes recipients as being among the best and brightest in the industry.

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About the CCP Designation

Because the ICCP enjoys worldwide acknowledgment as an organization that upholds and promotes high standards for workers who specialize in IT and computer engineering, its CCP designation is held in comparably high regard. Passing the various requirements and obtaining the CCP designation indicates that an individual possesses a superior level of education and proficiency in his chosen career.

Examination Requirement

The first and main part of the CCP process is the examination requirement. All candidates must complete an Information Systems Core Exam and two more specialty exams with a passing grade of at least 70 percent correct. Individuals are allowed to choose the specialty exams from a group of topics that include microcomputing and networks (communications, business information systems); business intelligence and analytics

(business process management, database administration); data and information quality (data management, data warehousing); integrated project management (IT compliance, IT consulting, IT governance, IT management); and object oriented analysis and design (office information systems, operating systems programming, procedural programming, services oriented architecture, software engineering, systems development, systems security, web development).

Experience Requirement

CCP certification also demands four years of full-time work experience in the industry, which does not have to occur during a consecutive time frame or in one position, or the equivalent. Appropriate jobs include programming positions and teaching relevant computer courses. If a candidate doesn't have enough professional experience, certain forms of college-level academic work can replace up to two years of the job requirement.

The Code

The final component of achieving CCP certification is agreeing to abide by the ICCP's official code of ethics, conduct and good practice, a set of standards that encapsulates the obligations computing professionals have to maintain the good reputation of the field. No candidate can receive CCP certification until he signs the code.

Time Frame

In addition to the four-year experience requirement, CCP candidates must pass all three examinations within three years of the first test date. If not, the candidate won't receive credit for any of them and will have to start the CCP process anew.

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