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What is cdia certification

what is cdia certification

Our CDIA+ Certification Training Self Study Course gives you the best program on the market!


Training Planet's new CDIA+ meets the latest objectives as outlined by CompTIA. The old objectives have been radically changed. A lot of the older subject matter is found on the test, but it is a completely new course and test. The old training will not fully prepare you for the new CDIA+ exam. The old exam focused on more technical issues, such as networking, whereas, the new exam covers project management, sales, internet issues, and the entirety of the proposal, from beginning to end. The exam also contains a generous portion of vocabulary that is new. Also added is information ont he new math, which is also a large part of the new exam. To best prepare yourself and your clients for the new CDIA+ exam, make sure that you have our newest materials.

The following is the self-study training materials available for CompTIA's CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architech) exam. The training you will receive are to the exact specifications outlined in CompTIA's CDIA+ exam objectives.

ECM consultant or administrator

Solution sales specialist

Electronic records manager

Service bureau manager, managed services

We also have

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CDIA+ - Certified Document Imaging Architech

Increase your market worth and skills in the document imaging industry with CompTia's CDIA+ certification credential. Datavault was one of the first companies to offer comprehensive computer based training for the CDIA+ and we continue to provide our customers with the tools necessary to gain the knowledge required to obtain this highly regarded certification.

While businesses continue to turn to electronic document management solutions, it becomes obvious that a certified expert in document imaging can open the door to a vast quantity of business opportunities in electronic commerce. CompTIA's Certified Document Imaging Architech (CDIA+) certification is an industry-recognized credential that represents an individual's proficiency in the skills necessary to excel in the document imaging industry.

CompTIA introduced the CDIA certification 1995, recently upgrading the title to CDIA+ to follow their current naming convention. CompTIA pulled from the most brilliant minds in the document-imaging arena for a global perspective of necessary, required elements related to the industry. These document management industry leaders, consisting of systems vendors, distributors, and consulting organizations, created a technical certification that would enhance, as well as support, careers in the document management industry. The CDIA+ certification is intended to raise the standard of the document imaging profession and increase professional credibility for individuals who achieve CDIA+ status.

The CDIA+ certification covers the fundamentals and procedures required of a proficient imaging solutions provider. The CDIA+ exam covers competency in areas established by an assembly of document management experts.

The areas of content integrated in the current exam include the following subjects: gather business requirements, analyze business process, recommend solution, design solution, and plan for the implementation. The certification knowledge is distributed somewhat evenly throughout the content areas compared to many current certifications. This is further evidence of the CDIA+'s validity in representing a well-rounded skill set in the document management industry.

CDIA+ Certification Examination Objectives

The new CompTIA CDIA+ exam will cover the following domains:

Gather Business Requirements 25%

Analyze Business Process 22%

Recommend Solution 16%

Design Solution 24%

Plan for Implementation 13%


CompTIA's CDIA+ certification is an internationally recognized credential acknowledging

competency and professionalism in the document imaging / document management industry. CDIA+ candidates possess critical knowledge of all major areas and technologies used to plan, design and specify an imaging system.

To achieve CDIA+ certification, the examinee must take and pass the exam within the specified time (90minutes). The skills and knowledge measured by this examination are derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis, which was validated through a survey. The results of the survey are used in weighting the domains and ensuring that the weighting is representative of the relative importance of that content to the job requirements of a document imaging professional with twelve to eighteen months on-the-job experience.

NOTE: This examination blueprint for the CDIA+ examination includes the weighting and test objectives. Example topics and concepts are included to clarify the test objectives and should not be construed as a comprehensive list of all the content of this examination.

CompTIA CDIA+ Course Curriculum

CDIA+ Course Overview

Domain-1: Starting an Imaging Project

Objectives Overview

Strategic view of the Organization

Examine the Existing System

The Project Kickoff

Exam Updated 2013!

Five areas are focused upon:

(listed according to the percentage of questions on the exam)

1) Identifying the business & technical requirements, then addressing those in section "Analysis, Design and Implementation" which is the largest domain.

2) which identifies specifically HOW you convert paper into digital is in section "Capture", then

3) section "ECM" covers details of what the back-end software does, followed by

Topics added to new exam:

Taxonomy, Metadata structure, Boolean Logic used for search, Workflow reporting, Load-balancing, Plug-in viewers, IPDS, Mobile communications, RFID, Scanner config and types, IHR, all file formats (LZW, JBIG2, etc.), SSD hard drives, Security (lots), Quantify alternative solutions, and more…

Topics deleted:

Much of the older terms, like screen-scraping – and we cheer that! And older concepts, like SaaS (Cloud-based is the updated term). This helps make what they are asking more relevant to today's business environment.

Certified Document Imaging Architect Certification Training

About the Training

In addition to preparing for the exam, students receive extra educational benefits. Mr. Byron Aulick, our Sr. Instructor, and author of this course, has spent over 29 years in the EDM/ECM industry and uses his experiences to supplement your learning. His case studies and stories help students to better understand and relate with the material being taught.

Students finish this training course with a stronger sense of ability to successfully implement an EDM system. With their new knowledge they gain the confidence they need to interact with clients and vendors when discussing an opportunity or project. This is a "must-take" course for the EDM/ECM professional that wants to be a step ahead of the competition and is serious about their career!

Our success rate for first-time CompTIA CDIA+ exam takers after attending this three-day course is 96%. Not only are our students passing on the first try, but they are scoring exceptionally well. This class far exceeds the expectations of our students. Then register for the class and find out for yourself!

CDIA+ Certification Training for CompTIA CDIA+ Exam

Online Live Class

CompTIA CDIA+ Training Course by World Famous DataVault and Byron Aulick

Online 'LIVE' Training

Length: 6 – 8 hrs, separated into 3 sessions over 3 days.

*Includes: Online access to Document Imaging-101 pre-training; 30-day access to Online CDIA+ Practice Exam; Student Workbook; Math Worksheets; and email & telephone support.

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