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What is cdt certification

what is cdt certification

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) defines the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) exam as, “A comprehensive overview for anyone who writes, interprets, enforces, or manages construction documents.”

To become certified, each participant must pass a test requiring extensive study and knowledge of construction project design and delivery. To provide the best possible customer service, employees have completed, or are in the process of completing the CDT certification training.

Individual members of EMSEAL’s Inside Tech team are CDT certified by the Construction Specifications Institute passing the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) exam, demonstrating extensive knowledge of official construction documentation standards and requirements. The CDT title after an employee’s name indicates that they are versed in all aspects of construction project delivery, including:

codes, regulations, and standards

  • terms and language
  • pricing and budgeting
  • planning and scheduling
  • procedures
  • contracts and legal issues
  • official documents
  • stakeholders and participants

  • CDT certification allows EMSEAL’s employees to more effectively and meaningfully interact with all members of the construction field, from architects and designers through engineers and installers. Their expertise in project delivery enables them to confidently ensure all project requirements are met in accordance with The Construction Specifications Institute’s official guidelines. The tech team’s thorough knowledge of these guidelines, and all aspects of the construction process from design through delivery, enables them to solve problems and offer solutions both in the field and in the office.

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