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How do you find birth certificate records for genealogical research?

how do you find birth certificates

Gregg Anderton

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Records of birth certificates are generally kept by states, at least for the last 100 years or so.

The National Center for Health Statistics has information on obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Specifically, look at their page "Where to write for vital records" and select your state.

Some of this information is also available online through, if you pay for a membership.

You could try contacting your county health dept. or your state dept. of health.

Personally, I really like this website. They can get you birth and death records among things. And they respond much quicker than any government agency I've ever dealt with. However, your county health department may

have older records available.vitalchek

Also try this link.

Cyndi has collected over 200,000 links for genealogists. If you can't find a useful link on her site, good luck finding it anywhere.

I'd also like to recommend you find a good book on how to do genealogical research. If you're still looking for birth or death certificates, you are most likely new to the hobby. And believe me once you get started, genealogy is a very rewarding and quite addicting hobby.

Have a look at these books:

Unpuzzling Your Past: The Best-Selling Basic Guide to Genealogy by Emily Anne Croom


Genealogy 101: How to Trace Your Family's History and Heritage by Barbara Renick and the National Genealogical Society

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