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What is certificate of authority

what is certificate of authority

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The Facts

A certificate of authority is a third-party organization that verifies the identity of an online business and then vouches for that identity through the issuance of a digital certificate. VeriSign, TRUSTe, and are some of the most popular and trusted Certificates of Authority in cyberspace. It is a standard practice today that most reputable businesses should be verified. When the user decides to submit information, the web browser sends for the website identity. The encrypted session starts once the information is received and is deemed legitimate.


A company can gain tremendously by having a certificate issued by a CA. A certificate of authority distinguishes the company from those who may be running a scam or another form of illegal activity. The business with a CA is generally more prestigious and trustworthy than one without, and that generally translates into more traffic and sales. The certificate enables a private connection, and sends information into a 128-bit encryption system. The information is scrambled, virtually securing the transmission.


Once a certificate is issued, a trust marker is placed on the website. A trust marker can be in the form of a padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of a browser or next to

the address bar. Another feature could be the address bar color turning green. Such identification markers can boost confidence on both sides, as the owner is confident they are taking the necessary steps to protect vital data and the users see this.


A Certificate of Authority verifies the information sent by website owners before issuing a certificate. The website owners submit an application that includes the website's domain name, company name, and address. It may also ask that some records be faxed, and an interview be conducted. Once the Certificate of Authority validates the information, a digital certificate is released with a public key to the website owner. The key shows the verified information to all incoming users to the website.


A certificate issued by the Certificate of Authority is just the first step in the fight against Internet fraud and online identity theft. If you run a business online, having a trusted source validate your information is critical to your bottom line. 70 percent of online shoppers terminate their orders due to not trusting the site, and 64 percent would have kept their transactions if they had seen a trust mark. Web-based company owners should take more steps to ensure the integrity of their website's overall security.

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