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What is ches certification

what is ches certification

About CHES

What is CHES and why should I belong?

The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) is a national professional association representing approximately 1,000 healthcare engineers and associates across Canada.

CHES seeks to help members to better manage the healing environment which is imperative for efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

We promote the principle of integrated design by improved collaboration using a team approach between the professions, and providing leadership in creating more efficient management of the operation, maintenance, and safety of hospitals, their engineering systems, equipment, buildings, and allied support services.

At CHES we help cultivate leaders and attract those with leadership potential, helping them to become all they can be for their sake, for their organization, and for the communities they serve.

CHES members are a source of expertise

and knowledge - mentoring young leaders, promoting competence within our profession, and expanding the understanding of sustainable health service delivery through shared environmental stewardship.

If you are involved in the operation and maintenance of a healthcare facility, you can gain concrete benefits from membership in CHES. Whether you are the maintenance superintendent of a small nursing home, facility manager at a busy community hospital, or an engineer responsible for engineering services at a major urban teaching hospital, becoming an active member of CHES will enhance your ability to perform your work effectively and efficiently, provide you with membership in a community of best practice, and allow you to contribute at a national level to improving our national health services landscape.

CHES members include individuals who are directly involved in, or responsible for, the following functions:

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