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What is chubb insurance

what is chubb insurance

Chubb understands what you expect when it comes to insurance.

Coverage that suits your lifestyle. A policy that gives you choices. Service that consistently gets high marks. And no surprises when it comes time to report a claim. The fact is, though, not all insurance companies can meet those expectations. At Chubb, when it comes to protecting your home and your assets, we offer coverage beyond your expectations.

For more than a century, Chubb has been building a reputation as one of the world's preeminent insurers - providing innovative coverage and unrivaled service for owners of fine homes and possessions. In addition to our distinguished coverage solutions, here are some of the reasons why independent agents, brokers and customers choose Chubb…

Chubb Valuable Articles Coverage

How much is your jewelry worth? Your collectibles, furs, wine collection, silver, china, antiques and artwork?

Chances are, your homeowners policy (even if it's from Chubb) isn't nearly enough to replace your valuables if they are ever lost, stolen or damaged.

Which is why owners of growing collections rely on Chubb Valuable Articles insurance. It is remarkably easy to obtain, and provides features you won't always find in typical policies.

Superior protection and our unsurpassed claims service have made Chubb one of the leading insurers of valuable articles worldwide.

Chubb's Masterpiece ® Valuable Articles Coverage helps you protect your financial investment in jewelry, collectibles, china, crystal, silver, artworks, furs, antiques and virtually any other type of valuable. It offers you:

    Itemized coverage. This option allows you to determine the insured value of each of your possessions. In the event of a total covered loss of an item, you will receive 100% of the insured value. There is no deductible, no depreciation, no surprises .

150% replacement cost. Chubb's valuable articles policy provides safeguards for items that appreciate. If the market value (before the loss) of an item lost or damaged in a covered loss is greater than the itemized amount listed on the policy, we will pay the market value up to 150% of the itemized coverage amount for the item.

Breakage protection. Coverage for breakage or damage to fragile items is automatically included. This coverage is typically restricted or excluded in homeowners policies.

Coverage for "mysterious disappearance." Many homeowners policies don't cover valuable items that are lost or misplaced, especially when they disappear away from the home. A Chubb valuable articles policy provides coverage in these situations.

Worldwide coverage. Your valuables are automatically covered wherever you take them—anywhere in the world.

Coverage for pairs and sets. If a piece of an itemized pair or set (like earrings or a set of silver) is lost or damaged in a covered loss, you have the option to provide us with the remaining piece(s), and you will receive the coverage amount for the entire set.

Cash settlement. Unlike

other insurance companies, you are not required to replace itemized valuables in the event of a loss. You can choose a cash settlement, or replace your valuables at the dealer of your choice. The decision is yours.

Coverage for newly acquired items. If you acquire a new item and already have similar articles insured with itemized coverage, your new item is automatically covered for 90 days for up to 25% of the total itemized coverage for those similar articles (maximum $50,000).

Exceptional claim service. In a recent survey of Chubb customers who reported a claim, more than 97% of respondents said they were "very satisfied" with our claim service.

Exceeding Expectations for More Than a Century.

When you choose the superior and innovative coverage available from Chubb, you will be supported by perhaps the most responsive, most professional claims service in the insurance industry.

You can count on:

    No-quibble claims philosophy. We strive to respond to your claim in 24 hours or less - often responding on the day the claim is reported. If you're covered for a loss, we pay it, and we typically issue a check within 48 hours once we arrive at a settlement amount.

If you're covered for a loss, we pay it. quickly.

You may have heard that some insurance companies try to limit or deny claims rather than pay them. Not Chubb. Our philosophy dictates that we treat every customer fairly and with the utmost respect.

But don't take our word for it. When Forbes magazine recognized Chubb as the provider of the best insurance in the U.S. they cited our approach to claims as a key reason why Chubb stands out in the insurance industry.

Our no-quibble claims philosophy allows Chubb to provide service that you expect. We offer:

    Quick response. We strive to respond to your claim in 24 hours or less, either by phone or in person. We'll be there to assess the loss and get the claim handling process underway for you. We also listen to your concerns and will do what we can to help prevent further damage if possible. Our quick response applies even in large-scale disasters such as hurricanes.

Quick payment. For covered losses, our goal is to agree on a fair and equitable settlement amount as quickly as possible. Once a settlement is reached, we typically issue you a check within 48 hours.

It's relatively inexpensive —Annual coverage for jewelry worn regularly costs about 1 to 3 percent of its appraised value. If you keep your jewelry in a bank vault, the cost to insure is greatly reduced-about one-third of the "standard" rate. The higher rate only applies when you take your jewelry out of the vault to wear it. Considering the peace of mind it provides, jewelry coverage is relatively inexpensive.

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