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Serenissima Cir tiles are produced using carefully selected and particularly pure raw materials, subject to cutting-edge extraction and control technologies. With its in-depth knowledge of ceramics, it carries out production with high quality standards and it is in the company’s interest to offer maximum transparency in results. Each product enters the market only after undergoing strict, certified tests with regard to: size, appearance, colour differences, absorption, breaking strength, resistance to shock, abrasion and thermal shocks, frost resistance to guarantee that tiles for outdoor use are safe, chemical resistance to guarantee that there are no limits on washing, and stain resistance for the tiling of work environments requiring frequent cleaning (e.g. kitchens), etc…

The CCC (China Compulsory Certification) regulation governs a huge range of products and aims to guarantee health and environmental protection and to safeguard national security. It is applied both to goods produced locally and to imported goods.

Never stop…

“Be it in thought or deed. Never believe you have reached

your peak.

Set yourself goals, certainly, but aim always to surpass them. Live in search of something more

than what has already been achieved: an idea, a result. Live your professional life as a perpetual

challenge, played out respecting the main values of human existence: honesty and trust.

With intellectual, and consequently behavioural, honesty. Have faith in yourself, so that you may

place your trust in others. Always allow yourself to appreciate your colleagues’ work freely and

enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the beauty of a product, or the coherence of a project.

Because a company is a unit made up of people, where every effort, be it physical or intellectual,

goes towards the realisation of new works, reflecting its style, or rather its deepest identity.

And a company is research, constantly upgraded technology; it is science developed by men

in continuous progress. A company is the fruit of a human’s faith in the future”.

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