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How do you get a certificate of authenticity

Authenticity Certificates are Absolutely Invaluable

With the Authenticity Certificate templates which are accessed online from your computer (no software disk will be mailed to you), you can create a Authenticity Certificate for any product or item you want to sell.

By including a Authenticity Certificate to the buyer of your products or items, you are stating that this item is authenticate, which only the seller can verify. Authenticity Certificate is also known as Certificate of Authenticity (COA). We only sell the COA templates, we do not personally verify the product or item you are selling is

Authenticity Certificate sure sound like a good idea, don't they? After all, you have a COA piece of paper that says "This autograph or product is genuine!" Gives you lots of peace of mind. You can sleep well knowing you have a genuine autograph or product thanks to authenticity certificates.

Because you have a "C.O.A.", usually means you have a genuine autograph or product. Ask Microsoft about this, they are among the many firms who ship a AuthenticityCertificate a.k.a. CertificateOfAuthenticity with their products, including Microsoft Windows and many other companies.

Reputable Dealers or autographs or products issue and sign a piece of paper that says your autograph or products is genuine. This usually makes it genuine.

A COA is your written guarantee of genuineness and authenticity - plus know you are dealing with a reputable dealer or company.

Insisting on the authenticity of an autograph or a product can make you money or save your money because you know it's the real thing - and offers good protection from being ripped off.

Do you need a "Authenticity Certificate" for your product(s)? Look no further, we have a Template of "Authenticity Certificate" package which is the answer to your COA needs.

Instantly create professional-looking "COA's" with the ready-made templates. The Templates will have blanks that you just fill-in. "The Template is a master copy and you print the quantity needed for your product right from

The "Authenticity Certificate" Template (many different formats included in the package) print on special certificate paper (which can

be purchased at the office supply store) or use regular paper and the certificate format will print out without using special paper.

Each product sold should be accompanied by a "Authenticity Certificate" that will verify it is a genuine work from a special collection, artist or special product.

  • The cost is ONLY $19.95 for the package of Templates of the "Authenticity Certificate." You can make unlimited "COA's" for your products for 1-year. There are many different templates included in the package for your use. Use one format or use them all - the choice is yours. We are constantly adding new COA template formats. If you need a template with special headings/information and images that you do not find in the template package, we will customize a template for you at $100 per COA design.
  • Each "Authenticity Certificate" can be numbered individually, all you need is the Template. You can add photos or any information you want on the "COA" with the Template.
  • This is the only low-cost tool you will need to create authentic "COA's"
  • Each "Authenticity Certificate" has a signature line and date. This is used when a buyer purchases the product - the seller signs and dates the certificate indicating that his product is authentic.
  • Orders will be processed and you will receive a special link to access all the templates.
  • We do not give SAMPLES of the template.
  • For autographs or collections - the authenticity certificate Template can be used over and over for each "Authenticity Certificate" and it can be slightly different, but have basically the information as the Master Template "Authenticity Certificate"

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