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Just what is CMR RCA? Carmel Mountain Ranch Residential Community Association (CMR RCA) is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation established in 1985. It will last a minimum of 50 years and will be operated under the CC&Rs provided at the time of purchase of any residential property within its boundaries.

The owners of residential property elect delegates for their district by a simple majority vote who will then serve until replaced by another majority vote. In turn, the Delegates primary responsibility is to vote for the Board of Directors who serve two year terms. After the annual elections, the Board of Directors select each of the positions on the board. The Board of Directors then appoints members for committees; the only active committee is the Master Architectural Committee (MAC). All positions filled are non-paid / volunteer.

  • CMR RCA Bylaws
  • CMR Rules & Regulations (last revised 1997)
  • CMR Design & Review Manual (last revised 1999)

All of this is setup to serve the owners and protect property values by:

  1. Providing services necessary to run and maintain the common area landscaping, fences, walls, and signs.
  2. Enforcing Rules & Regulations and from time to time update them.
  3. Enforcing Design & Review guidelines via the MAC Application process and the drive through process and from time to time update them.
  4. Follow requirements as detailed in the CC&Rs which provides for budgets, insurance, meeting minutes, audit results, etc.

There are currently 4996 dwellings in CMR including single family homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Districts – home owners must follow rules and pay a single unit of dues monthly. Groups of homes developed at roughly the same time by the same developer are grouped into Districts. Each District selects one Delegate to represent them. There are 14 Districts:

  • Belle Fleur
  • The Bluffs
  • Bridgeport/Bridgeport II
  • Christopher Homes I & II
  • Fairway Village
  • J.M. Peters
  • Marseilles

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