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What is combined insurance

what is combined insurance

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W. Clement Stone started the Combined Life Insurance company in 1922 with a borrowed $100 and a small, rented, office space. Stone then formed Combined Mutual Casualty Company in 1939 and published a sales training book in 1962. From there he continued to grow the company globally.


Combined Life Insurance sells a variety of insurance products including life, disability, accident, health insurance and Medicare supplement policies. Combined Life's products, however, are considered "supplemental" insurance. This means that face amounts are generally smaller than ordinary policies and the benefit amounts supplement major life, health and disability insurance.


Combined's policies fill in the gap of major insurance plans

by offering benefits that some larger companies do not offer. For example, some of Combined's health plans pay a cash amount directly to the insured, rather than making payments to a third party such as a doctor or hospital.


While some agents praise the company for offering a good career opportunity, others question the company's sales practices. Some former agents for the company complain that expenses for the job are not clearly stated upfront.


Assess your needs for supplemental life insurance. Combined is one of a few large insurers that focus exclusively on supplemental insurance. Many large life insurers also offer increased supplemental benefits on their major life, health and disability policies.

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