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Duplicate Birth Certificate

how do you get a duplicate birth certificate

The duplicate copy of the birth certificate (Original) can be given to any Indian citizen under certain circumstances that are as follows:

1. If the person have the original birth certificate, if he/she do not have the original birth certificate or he/she has not ever applied regarding the issuance of the birth certificate, In this case you can not apply for the duplicate copy of your birth certificate but you have to under go the procedure for “Non- Availability of Birth Certificate”.

2. If the original birth certificate has been misplaced or lost somewhere.

The term duplicate birth certificate is not a particular thing, simply if the original birth certificate is being misplaced or lost somewhere than you can get the other copy of that birth certificate by:

1. Giving an application to the ward office of the municipal corporation concerned. This office of the municipal corporation is that office where at the time of birth the name of the child was registered or the office from where the original birth certificate was issued. The nominal fee is to be deposited for getting issued the birth certificate copy. The procedure is not same for all the states for copy of birth certificate, some states have the prescribed form for the issuance of the copy of birth certificate and in some states

the person have to write the letter to the concerned ward officer in which the person have to mention the problem and can request for the issuance of the other copy of the birth certificate.

2. The 2 nd method for getting the copy of the birth certificate is to write an application to the Public Health Department of their country where birth took place by the payment of the nominal fee prescribed. For this purpose the form is available to the same office.

3. The 3 rd and the last method for getting the copy of the birth certificate is simply send the application by fax to the office of the health department by attaching the prescribed fee in the form of cheque.

There is no duplicate birth, death or marriage certificate. Any person can get issued as many copies as he want of all the certificates mentioned above by simply applying the above mentioned methods an by paying the prescribed amount of fee. Legally the Xerox copies of the marriage, death and the birth cerficate are not considered valid. The basic original copy and the other copies issued after it which are duly stamped are considered as valid copies. The charges levied by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation for the issuance of the birth certificate are Rs.5.00 per copy.

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