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What is comprehensive insurance?

what is comprehesive insurance

In the insurance business world, comprehensive insurance is known as the "Rolls Royce" of insurance policies, this is because the cover is broader than most other Insurance policies. This is top of the range cover as these policies leave nothing to chance. When referring to life insurance . comprehensive cover could mean that you are covered for death as well as, disability,and / or critical illness to mention a few. By getting this type of full cover you are covered for almost any unforeseen circumstances that can affect your life in a financially negative way and most importantly, you are protecting your family from loss of income, your income.

Comprehensive insurance and comprehensive cover are often one and the same, especially in the South African insurance market. In South Africa it is widely thought that full cover includes a wide range of different insurance options. The insurance plan options that can be considered a full cover plan include Life Insurance, health insurance, short-term and business insurance, make sure that the policy states that it is has comprehensive cover.

Comprehensive insurance has a wide range of cover

Do not mistake a fully inclusive policy with a complete insurance portfolio. A complete insurance portfolio means that all your insurance policies are not necessarily at the same

insurance company, but all your policies together cover all your assets as well as your life. A comprehensive insurance policy is one policy that has a wide range of cover, like your life insurance policy that covers death, illness, disability and retrenchment.

Fully inclusive cover can be a more costly option, but is designed for individuals who have families, careers, people who are settled in their lives and can afford better life cover . If you cannot afford it, make it part of your future insurance plans, for your own peace of mind. It covers you for not only the unforeseen, but any unforeseen.

Comprehensive insurance provides peace of mind

Some may see comprehensive insurance as costly and unnecessary, but nothing can beat the peace of mind it offers. When acquiring life insurance that only pays out in the event of death, you are not covered for critical illness, or disability and these are important factors to consider. Accidents can happen easily and may result in you not being able to work, therefore not receiving an income- who will provide for your family?

This is why comprehensive cover is something to consider, so no matter what happens your family will always be cared for. Cover your life completely today, get fully inclusive cover.

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