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What is comptia certification

what is comptia certification

CompTIA Certification for Technologies

CompTIA A+ is the CompTIA certification that is designed for entry-level IT technicians. The certification exam is comprised of topics including basic networking, installation, troubleshooting, communication, preventative maintenance and professionalism. Learn more about CompTIA A+ certification .

Networking Professional

CompTIA offers people with experience in Linux open source technology the opportunity to certify their skills with the CompTIA Linux+ certification. This certification is a single-exam credential. To pass the exam, a candidate must get a passing score on the exam that contains questions about software configurations, file permissions, user administration and the management fundamentals of Linux systems.

CompTIA Project+ is the CompTIA Certification for project managers. It certified a project manager's abilities in all of the process groups and standards that are generally accepted within the project management community. Questions on the exam focus on topics such as initiation, planning, execution, acceptance, support and closure.

CompTIA PDI+ provides coverage for basic electromechanical components and tools, print engine and scan processes, color

theory and networking.

Professionals in the growing field of RFID technology have the option of earning the CompTIA RFID+ certification. The CompTIA RFID+ certification exam covers installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of RFID products.

Convergence of voice and data networks is a hot commodity and you can validate your credentials with the CompTIA Convergence+ certification. It's a one-up certification with a challenging exam that includes questions about design, implementation and management of voice and data networks.

There's a saying that "those who can, do, and those who can’t teach." For those who want to teach IT, CompTIA offers a certification for technical instruction. According to CompTIA, the CompTIA CTT+ "covers classroom preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation and evaluation in both traditional classroom and virtual classroom environments."

CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ is available for experienced home technology professionals. This certification requires a passing score on a single exam that features questions about configuration, integration, maintenance and troubleshooting of digital and electronic home systems.

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