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What is cps certification

what is cps certification

CPS/CAP Certification

What is the difference between CPS and CAP rating?

The Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) rating was introduced in 2001. The name was updated to reflect the change of many titles from Secretary to Administrative Professional. An additional section was also added to the exam, Organizational Planning. This part is designed to measure the candidate's ability to properly analyze a situation, determine the critical factors of the situation and properly apply a wide range of knowledge in a variety of situations.

Professionals taking the exam prior to 2001 achieved the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) rating. Professionals taking the exam after 2001 will achieve the CAP rating. Anyone who currently has the CPS rating can take just Part 4 of the exam to achieve the CAP rating.

How is the CAP rating obtained?

To obtain the advanced CAP rating, an administrative professional must meet certain educational and work experience requirements and pass a four-part, one and one-half day examination. Educational and secretarial employment experience must also be verified. The CAP exam is administered on the first Friday and Saturday of May and November.

Why earn the CAP rating?

Among the rewards for achieving the CAP rating, CPS/CAP holders have reported: pride in accomplishment, increased self-esteem, greater respect from employers and peers, confidence to assume greater responsibilities, college credit toward a degree, pay increases, bonuses, and opportunity for achievement. In today's workplace, having the CPS/CAP credentials can be assurance of employability.


rating is the achievement of the internationally recognized standard of proficiency as a professional secretary. More than 60,000 administrative professionals have achieved it since its inception in 1951.

What is on the CAP examination?

The new CAP exam covers Finance and Business Law, Office Systems and Administration, Management, and Organizational Planning. CPS holders are required to only take the Organizational Planning part of the CAP exam.

The examinations include a mix of three levels of questions designed to test (1) basic knowledge such as facts, terminology, dates; (2) understanding of concepts, procedures, and principles; and (3) application of concepts. Examination questions in the first three parts appear in the multiple-choice format (one best response). The fourth part is a scenario based multiple-choice exam with one best answer and one less preferable answer, and two incorrect answers.

When is the CAP examination given?

An internationalized version of the CAP examination is given the first Saturday in May and November concurrently in approximately 250 examination centers in the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other international locations.

How do I register to take the CAP exam?

The deadlines to apply for approval to take the exam are: March 1 for the May exam and September 1 for the November exam.

The following forms can be downloaded at International's website: Certification Application Package, Application to Take CPS/CAP Examination, Job Function and Employer's Statement, CPS/CAP Examination Center Listing, and Academy Application Form. To get there, Click Here.

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