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What is csqa certification

what is csqa certification

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have been receiving so many queries asking me about so many things on CSQA. I'm updating this page with all of those queries. Feel free to contact me


  • What is the difference between CSQAE & CSQA?
  • Certified Software Quality Engineer ( CSQE) is administered by American Society for Quality; but it is not as famous as QAI's CSQA. That too, you must have eight years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the areas of the Certified Software Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. Refer this link for more info and more links related to CSQE: /Certifications/csqe.htm
  • CSQA is administered by QAI. now it is well recognized all over the world. Official web site for CSQA is

    1. I am working in QC/Testing as QC Engineer/Test Lead & am having 'n' years of experience. Which certification is best for me – CSQA/CSTE?

    • This question arises typically for those in QC/Testing or those who are working both in QC & QA in their organizations. For those in QA/Process Engineering, the answer is straight forwards – to go for CSQA.

    In my view, this depends on three factors based on which any individual goes for a certification in general –

    i. For job promotion/hike

    ii. Professional development

    iii. Using certification as a means for continuous education

    Your decision of choosing one among CSQA/CSTE depends on one or more of these factors and their priorities.

    For example, if you want to make a career in Testing i.e. if you want to be a Test Lead n then a Test manager, it makes more sense to go for CSTE. If you want to shift to Process related aspects (QA), then you can go for CSQA.

    The best thing for any novice to CSTE/CSQA is to go through the syllabi/CBOK of both first. See which will be more useful for you. I've seen more people in Test Engg./QC going for CSTE. This (CSTE) concentrates more on aspects of Test Management; whereas CSQA is for professionals working on process management, quality models & metrics. You can get the entire info about CSTE/CSQA (including syllabus) @

    2. Is CSQA an advanced level of certification to CSTE? Is it ideal to go for CSTE first & then for CSQA?

    • This is a myth. Both certifications are the basic certifications in their respective Quality fields – CSQA in QA & CSTE in QC. Both certifications have their own

    Common Bodies of Knowledge. The decision of going for CSTE/CSQA should be based on these factors:

    • Whether or not working in the field covered by the certification designation,
    • Whether or not having significant experience and breadth to have mastered the basics of the entire Common Body of Knowledge
    3. Is CSTE study material available?

    • Unfortunately, the CSTE material is currently not available. Current focus is more on the CSQA updations.

    4. What is the minimum preparatory time required to appear in CSQA Exam ?

    • To be frank, it depends on your determination & experience level. It may vary between 3 to 6 months.

    5. Is Mastering CBOK alone is great enough to appear in the exam. If not so then what are all the reference book is required.?

    • Yes, Mastering CBOK is good enough for the exam. But it is equally important to know how to apply these concepts to the real world scenarios. This will be tested in the subjective papers.

    6. Are CBOK & Guide to CBOK the same?

    • Most of the CSQA aspirants are often left confused with the difference between CBOK & Guide to CBOK. Note that CBOK stands for Common Body of Knowledge, which will prescribe the domains/topics to be studies for a particular subject (CSQA in this case). This gives only the topics & not their detailed contents. Whereas the "Guide to CBOK" is the one which gives you detailed subject knowledge of the topics of the CBOK with illustrations wherever necessary. Hence you need to have the "Guide to CBOK" (not simply CBOK) to prepare for CSQA.

    7. Is the CBOK guide- 2006 is available anywhere in the local stores?

    • No, it is not available in the Indian market. Now you are getting it for free within your application fee of 350$. For the CSQA aspirants who are planning for March 2006 and after, there is one important point to note:- Now the QAI is offering the "Guide to CBOK" within your examination fee of $350, unlike the previous cases where we need to buy the Guide to CBOK separately ( ) Hence there is no need to buy any external material. As Walter said, there is a lot of material online & in the Group files (of both CQAfolks & CSQA Y! groups).

    To order the Guide to CBOK for CSTE or CSQA, visit QAI's products page for "Guide to CSQA"- what is csqa certification

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