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CTP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a convergence technologies professional?
  2. Is CTP associated with TIA?
  3. What is a vendor-neutral exam?
  4. What is high-stakes, proctored certification?
  5. Who is in charge of the CTP exam?
  6. Who benefits from CTP certification?
  7. Who is taking the CTP exam?
  8. I am already CTP-certified. Do I need to take the new exam to remain certified?
  9. Where can I get training and study materials for the CTP exam?
  10. Where can I find details about the CTP exam?
  11. Who is qualified to take and pass the exam?
  12. Who should consider in-class CTP training?
  13. Why make the exam so difficult?

The CTP exam was originally developed by Certification Partners (Prosoft Learning) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) . which teamed with industry leaders such as Avaya, Inter-Tel, Toshiba, Cisco, First Telecommunications, IBM, Mitel and Siemens to create the CTP program. The CTP program is owned and managed by Certification Partners an organization that specializes in developing and managing industry-based certifications. Certification Partners publishes and distributes Official CTP Courseware worldwide though various approved distributors.

Equipment manufacturers, channel partners and end-users all benefit from CTP certification. The

CTP certification provides suppliers (such as equipment manufacturers) with standardized criteria to screen capable channel partners. It provides criteria for hiring and/or advancement within the organization, serves as an international standard for vendor-neutral convergence technologies training, enables ROI savings for product-specific training, and focuses company resources on product-specific training.

The CTP certification allows channel partners (such as interconnects, VARs, integrators, distributors, resellers, communication agents, service providers, solutions providers and sales agents) to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and distinguish themselves to customers and suppliers in their ability to support convergence solutions. CTP reduces training and certification redundancies, provides standardized criteria for hiring and/or advancement, and increases customer satisfaction and retention.

For end-users (individuals, employees and career-changers), the CTP certification validates convergence technologies knowledge and skills to employers, provides a baseline measurement of skills, allows portability of skills within the industry, and provides criteria for advancement.

People who want to be CTP-certified include field technicians, voice and telephony technicians, networking administrators, system engineers, engineering technicians, technical writers, help-desk technicians, customer service representatives, sales engineers, technical sales and marketing professionals, career-changers, cross-trainers, data professionals who need telephony skills, telephony professionals who need data skills, and other individuals interested in pursuing or advancing a convergence technologies career.

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