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2015 CTR Exam

what is ctr certification

February 28 – March 21; application deadline = January 31

June 20 – July 11; application deadline = May 29

October 17 – November 7; application deadline = September 18
  • Each of the 3 testing windows will be 3-weeks long.
    • Carrels at testing centers are 39 inches wide and the desks are 35.5” wide and 27” deep. To maximize desk space the computer monitors are mounted on the rear carrel.
  • To get a sense of the testing center setup, watch this video .
  • All questions are multiple-choice.
  • Exam Registration Fees: $399 ($299, NCRA member-rate)

  • Two forms of identification are required for exam candidates at testing centers. One form of identification must be a current and valid government issued form of identification which contains the candidate’s picture and is signed (i.e. driver’s licenses, passports, non-drivers state identification cards, etc.). Temporary identification government issued identification is not accepted. The second form of identification must include the candidates name and signature (i.e. signed debit/credit cards, social security cards, student ID cards, etc.)
  • After completing the examination,

    candidates will only receive an exam completion report, but no test results. Candidates will be notified by email within six weeks from the LAST DAY of the testing period to access their test results online. Scores on the major areas of the examination and on the total examination will also be reported.

  • Candidates must receive a passing score on the total examination (closed-book + open-book) to become certified.

    NCRA's Council on Certification neither sponsors nor endorses review courses or prepared preparatory materials for the Certification Examination for Cancer Registrars. Check the list of resources that may be of use in preparing for the examination.


    Learn more information about National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA), a non-profit, professional organization with over nearly 4,800 members representing the various types of institutions that have an interest and responsibility in cancer services and data. NCRA promotes education, credentialing, and advocacy for Cancer Registry professionals.

    Documents in PDF format can be downloaded and printed from your computer. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view or print these documents.

    Download it here for free .

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