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what is cyber risk insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance provides protection to all types of organizations from the inadvertent disclosure and theft of confidential information, such as social security, bank account and credit card numbers, and from damage to or destruction of computer systems and data from computer viruses, hacking and criminal activity. Cyber Risk Insurance is sometimes called Data Breach, Network Security or Privacy insurance.

Obtaining Cyber Risk Insurance is an important mechanism for all organizations in mitigating cyber risks, and the cost is surprisingly low. Because policy forms are not consistent, and enhanced coverage is available from specialty insurance markets, utilizing an expert with access to these markets is critical in ensuring your clients understand the product and get the best protection.

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Note: Technology Professionals E&O (Tech) is not the same as Cyber Risk Insurance, although Tech E&O may include Cyber Risk coverages. Technology professionals develop technology and related services for individuals and organizations, and effectively bring

this technology to our everyday lives. These organizations need professional liability (E&O) insurance, which is not the same as Cyber Risk Insurance, to protect themselves from technology exposures. Specialty insurers have created a range of Technology Professionals E&O products for these professional organizations.

We have a unique approach for providing comprehensive and competitive Cyber Risk Insurance to you for your clients. To find out how, and for additional information, sales collateral, applications and indication forms, and for expert assistance with Cyber Risk Insurance, please contact us .

Tennant Risk Services is a wholesale broker and underwriting manager providing professional liability insurance. We offer a broad portfolio of Cyber Risk Insurance, Technology E&O and other Professional Liability products customized to meet the specific needs of your clients. We will provide you with the experience, expertise and market access that you need and expect so you can successfully meet your clients’ insurance needs.

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