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Defense Base Act Insurance for Government Contractors

The LATITUDE insurance program is unique among Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance options. We’re a team of seasoned insurance industry professionals with deep experience in protecting businesses that have government contracts. We are committed to being a one-stop solution that helps you design and manage your DBA insurance program to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense, and protect your business and employees, foreign workers and contractors.

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Custom-built Insurance Programs

Are you struggling to find the insurance coverage you need for your foreign workers, contractors and employees? Whether large or small, every government contractor’s insurance coverage needs are diverse, unique and at times complex. We can maximize your business’s coverage and minimize cost by tailoring a single insurance program around your government contracts.

You’ll enjoy the hassle-free benefits of managing an insurance program with a single partner and advocate who delivers comprehensive support, claims advocacy and exceptional, hands-on customer service.

Experts in DBA Insurance

The LATITUDE team is comprised of industry experts in Defense

Base Act (DBA) insurance. From insurance plan design and audits to claims and advocacy, you want the very best protection for your business and employees. Our team delivers exceptional value and confidence. We have:

  • 25+ years of in-depth DBA knowledge and experience in hostile and non-hostile environments
  • Deep understanding of the government contract procurement process
  • Hands-on advocacy for the claims and adjudication process (from both employer and employee perspectives)
  • Experts standing by to provide emergency evacuation support
  • A retained DBA defense attorney to evaluate coverage applicability

With our experience developing custom insurance solutions, you can be confident that your coverage, service and claims handling experience will be best-in-class. We’re here to provide guidance and clearly outline the steps to take to properly design your insurance program.

Contact us today and let our team of experts evaluate your existing coverage and work with you to provide exceptional, hassle-free coverage, exemplary service and peace of mind.

LATITUDE ® Global Contractor Insurance

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