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What is de underwriter

what is de underwriter

Product Description

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This fully interactive instructor-led webinar will examine all aspects of FHA DE Underwriting. The goal of this 6-hour "live, instructor-led webinar is to help you learn everything from A to Z on how to underwrite FHA Government loans. With our online FHA DE training webinar you can train your entire staff of mortgage underwriters, and start underwriting Government FHA loans today.


  • Underwriting the FHA loan
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Critical Guidelines
  • Principals and Practices of the FHA Loan
  • How to Complete the Submission Documents
  • Becoming the DE Underwriter
  • Understanding Scenario Practice
  • Valuation


  • Appraisal Practices and Standards
  • Handbooks, Mortgagee Letters
  • Using & Managing Resources
  • OPEN FORUM Q&A - Ask The Expert

At FHA Online University™ we educate aspiring FHA DE Underwriters with our "live", instructor-led FHA/VA training classes. This online format provides each student with unlimited access to today's leading FHA Direct Endorsement mortgage instructors — allowing students to get updated on all FHA underwriting guidelines, CFPB Regulations, Dodd-Frank new rules and more.

Disclaimer. We are a private "professional development" mortgage training company, and are NOT owned, operated or affiliated with HUD, FHA or the Federal Government in any way.

Call Us Now At 1-800-665-0249 to Learn More!

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