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What is digital certificate

what is digital certificate

With the launch of MCA21. e-filing and e-governance is the buzzword. This has made possible for Company Directors, Professionals, Financial Institutions and other Authorized Signatories to do e-filing with the MCA. After MCA income tax also went online by launching its website for filing e-returns. Filing of e-returns require digital signatures though not mandatory but it saves the hassle of physically sending the documents to department if digitally signed. Further by the initiative of the Govt. a lot many organisations like IREPS, Northern Railways, ONGC, GAIL, IFFCO have started the process of e-tendering & other online processes.

One of the pre-requisites for e-filing is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

Digital Signature Certificates to individuals:

Through (n) Code Solutions & E-mudhra we offer an entire range of Individual Certificates tailored to address various needs of the Market. These Certificates are used for a host of purposes like

secure authentication, signing documents or transactions, etc. Digitally signed documents or transactions have the same legal validity as physically signed documents in any Indian court of law as per the Indian IT Act 2000, provided they have been signed via a Digital Signature Certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Authority in India.

(n) Pro DSC Class-III signatures - For companies to file e-tender for organizations like IFFCO, IREPS. ONGC, For Stock Broking companies for signing contract notes.
  • (n) eXIM signatures - For EXIM community to interact with DGFT. (Only (n) code & safescrypt provide these signatures.
  • (n) Rail DSC signatures - For IRCTC agents for e-ticketing.
  • (n) Serv Signatures- A 128 bit SSL certificates for websites. It is a class III certificate issued to websites having live I.P. One can authenticate the identity of the website and carry out transactions securely
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