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What Is Covered by Dwelling Insurance?

Dwelling coverage, sometimes called "dwelling insurance," is the part of your homeowners insurance policy that helps to pay for the rebuilding or the repair of the physical structure of your home if it's damaged by a covered hazard. As you probably already know, there are a number of hazards that are not covered by many homeowners insurance policies. But, the good news is that the average homeowners insurance policy typically provides coverage for a pretty comprehensive list of potential incidents, both natural and manmade. Here's some information that may be helpful to you for learning what is likely covered under the dwelling coverage of your insurance policy, and some additional tidbits that will help you decide what kind of homeowners insurance policy is best for you .

Understanding What Disasters Are Likely Covered by Your

Homeowners Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are certain hazards,

or perils, that are covered by most standard homeowners insurance policies. While the coverage can vary from state to state or from one geographical region to another, homeowners policies typically offer coverage for the following:

  • Fire/smoke
  • Lightning strikes
  • Windstorms
  • Hail
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Damage caused by the weight of snow, sleet or ice
  • Falling objects
  • Aircraft damage
  • Motor vehicle damage

While these hazards are typically covered, you should always check your own homeowners insurance policy to determine what it covers.

Not Every Type of Disaster is Covered

The average homeowners insurance policy does not cover floods, earthquakes, sewer backups or damage that occurs from a lack of maintenance. Talk to your insurance agent to find out what your options are to help protect your home from these additional perils.

What Is Your Dwelling?

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