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What is e insurance

what is e insurance

What insurance does American Strategic Insurance offer?

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Lessor's risk insurance protects the owner of rental property from lawsuits and other forms of damage, reports Owen Pearson in an article on the Houston Chronicle's website. Real estate owners benefit from a lessor insurance policy by shielding themselves from legal action by their lessees or by a client of a lessee who experiences any type of physical or property damage while in the owner's space.

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Where can someone purchase home insurance that protects property in the case of a flood?

People who need flood insurance for property at risk from flood can find a local agent by searching the database for the National Flood Insurance Program, found at The program was set up to protect homeowners

who lived in areas at risk of flooding as the result of hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rains.

Why is some insurance unclaimed?

Insurance policies often go unclaimed because of lack of prior communication between the beneficiary and the claim owner, misplaced forms and other misunderstandings that lead to the beneficiary remaining ignorant of the money owed. Some state investigations have also revealed that often insurance companies make little effort to contact beneficiaries.

What is an insurance deductible?

An insurance deductible is the amount a covered person pays on covered events before insurance benefit payments kick in, according to If a person has a $250 deductible on hospital services, that person pays the first $250 on related bills before insurance pays its portion.

Why is insurance important?

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