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What is ecfmg certification

what is ecfmg certification

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All about ECFMG Certification

ECFMG stands for Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. It is the certification that is required by the international medical graduated students for applying for the examination. The students can get ECFMG certification after completing all the important requirements especially the ECFMG number is required for getting certification.

Most important part of ECFMG certification includes the questions about the applicants for the confirmation of their contact information, identity, enrolment in the school and the graduation form. In addition to this, the students are also required to provide their purpose for getting ECFMG certification and they should also have to be agreed for certain legal terms and conditions of the certification.

Requirements for the ECFMG Certification

In order to get the ECFMG certification, the students must have to fulfil all the requirements. Following are the important requirements that should be fulfilled by the students.

· Requirements for Medical Science Examination. This requirement includes two types of examinations that must be cleared

by the students. These examination include Clinical Knowledge and the USMLE.

· Requirements of clinical skills includes the examination for the clinical skills.

Both the examinations should be completed in time before applying for the ECFMG certification. Students can get more information about the passing criteria and passing performance through ECFMG information Booklet. Additionally the student should be a graduate of the international medical school and he/ she must be awarded with at least 4 years credits to complete the medical curriculum.

Once the applicant has submitted the application form, the ECFMG certification immediately becomes valid and the applicant can apply for the examination. In order to confirm the application for the certification, the applicant will be informed by the email address provided in the ECFMG records. Usually the certification remains valid in the whole process. You can confirm your application for the Certification by using OASIS. For more please visit the below link..

Medobserverships website

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