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Care Certificate - What is it?

what is eit certificate

W hat is it?

The Care Certificate was commissioned by the Department of Health and developed in partnership by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health.

From April 2015, it will replace the Common Induction Standards (CIS) and National Minimum Training Standards (NMTS).

Regulated providers of health and care services will need to update and adapt their induction programmes to accommodate the requirements of the Care Certificate.

If you are an employer, then it is your responsibility to ensure your staff have completed a thorough induction so that they have the right skills and knowledge to undertake their job role. The Care Certificate is just one part of the overall induction programme.

Anyone starting in the health or social care sectors must complete the Care Certificate. This means health care assistants, assistant practitioners, care support workers and anyone supporting clinical roles in the NHS where they have direct contact with patients. It also includes adult social care workers providing direct care in residential and nursing homes and hospices, plus home care workers.

Caring volunteers, porters, cooks, drivers and other employees that have direct contact with patients and service users may also undertake all or some of the Care Certificate.

An official workbook to support the launch of the Care Certificate has been developed by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) after it was commissioned by the Partnership of Health

Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health responsible for implementing the initiative.

Highfield e-learning has also developed its own interactive e-learning resource – independently of the Partnership – to support delivery of the knowledge elements of the Care Certificate, available from March 2015.

Highfield and the Partnership – what you need to know

  • Highfield has been commissioned by the Partnership of Health Education England, Skills for Care and Skills for Health to develop learning resources for the Care Certificate – a ground-breaking initiative in training and education across health and social care.
  • The introduction of the Care Certificate is one of the biggest developments in health and social care training for many years. Highfield is honoured to be developing learning resources to ensure its successful introduction on behalf of the Partnership.
  • Highfield is working with the Partnership to support the implementation and delivery of the Care Certificate through the development of related learning resources.
  • Learners undertaking the Care Certificate will have access to free high-quality resources in the form of a workbook – developed by Highfield - to help them with their knowledge and understanding, and to ensure the key recommendations from The Cavendish Review are met.
  • Highfield is developing learning resources to aid implementation and delivery of the Care Certificate as part of a broader partnership including Skills for Care, Skills for Health and Health Education England.

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