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E&O Insurance for Home Inspectors

Elite InspectInsure offers home inspectors some of the most comprehensive E and O Insurance coverage on the market.

E and O insurance is a specific type of Professional Liability Insurance. It can protect you in the case of errors in your home inspection report, which can happen to even the most experienced home inspector. Elite InspectInsure can offer you a free, fast quote for your E&O insurance needs. Click here to learn more about errors and omissions insurance.

At Elite InspectInsure, we work exclusively with home inspectors, which means we completely understand your needs and are committed to making sure your home inspection business is fully insured and protected.

Discounts Given For:

  • Accredited Association Memberships
  • Education Participation
  • Holding Additional Licenses (electrical, contracting, plumbing, HVAC, industry relevant)
  • Software Use
  • Technology/Equipment Use (Cameras, etc)

How Can an E and O Insurance Policy Protect You?

Our insurance policies can be customized to fit your particular operation and can offer a level of protection if there are claims made against your service or even advice you may have offered to clients. In the home inspection business, clients have the opportunity to place responsibility on you and your company for any failure or error that may have been caused during your inspection. The policy can also include items such as radon liability, termite liability, premises liability, and pool and spa liability.

What is Included in an E and O Insurance Policy?

An errors and omissions insurance policy will provide your company, your employees, and you with protection against lawsuits or claims that are based on omissions or mistakes made in your inspection which resulted in financial damages for the client. The policy can even be prepared to provide protection from fees charged by attorneys or a settlement amount if you are determined to be guilty of an error or omission.


are some other great things to know about E and O insurance for home inspectors:

  • Most investors and venture capitalists require an home inspector to have an E&O Insurance policy in addition to federal and state licensing requirements.
  • Certain E&O policies will extend not just to W2 workers, but also to subcontractors who receive a 1099.
  • E&O coverage will usually be kept out of a General Liability policy. This means that if you have Professional Liability Insurance already, you may still need E&O.

How Much Will an Elite InspectInsure Insurance Package Cost You?

Prices for home inspector E&O insurance for residential inspectors will vary based on specific factors. The policy should be tailored to your business and needs to have at least the following details:

  • The deductible for each type of liability
  • The total dollar amount that will be paid for each liability type
  • A services section that itemizes the type of services you offer in detail
  • An explanatory section detailing the nature of the policy i.e. “This policy applies to errors, omissions or negligent acts in the course of providing or failing to provide professional services.”
  • The deductible that needs to be paid to cover legal defense fees
  • A retroactive date to file claims

It is a given that people, as well as companies, will make mistakes. In order to protect you and your company against any type of error or omission it is necessary to have a good insurance policy in place to provide protection against mistakes made by your workers or yourself.

To learn more about our errors and omissions insurance coverage for home inspectors, please contact our Home Inspection Insurance Team at or call 800-355-1185.

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