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What is epa certificate

what is epa certificate

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How do I get HVAC EPA certification?

What are some schools that offer online classes in EPA heating, venting and air conditioning certification?

What is an EPA 608 certification test?

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What is an EPA certification test?

The EPA certification test is the test that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires all individuals who repair building air conditioning and refrigeration systems and purchase and handle refrigerants to take, according to Those who work on refrigeration systems and air conditioners must receive certification under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

What are EPA 608 certification test questions?

According to

the EPA website, EPA certification test questions address four main categories: core information, small appliances (type 1 certification), high-pressure appliances, (type 2 certification) and low pressure appliances (type 3 certification). Overall, the questions test knowledge of ozone depletion, section 608 laws, recovery requirements (small appliances), leak detection (type 2 certification) and recharging techniques (type 3 certification).

What is EPA certification?

EPA certification most often refers to certification as a HVAC technician working on air conditioners and similar temperature-control machinery, although it can also refer to any training program run by the EPA that ends in the awarding of a certificate. The EPA runs many such programs pertaining to pollution prevention.

What is ISO certification?

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