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How do you get your insurance license?


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The procedure for obtaining a Life and Health license varies from state to state. The first decision to make is whether you prefer a classroom setting or a self-paced online course for your pre-licensing study. In either scenario a significant portion of your time will be spent on self-study. In the classroom situation you typically study from provided books at home, subsequently attending the classroom session at a predetermined date. The classroom is a review of the material, tips on passing the exam, a practice test, and an opportunity to ask questions. In the online courses, you work through a series of modules with quizzes along the way to reinforce the material covered. At the end of the online course you progress through

practice exams until you are achieving 80% or better.

When you have successfully completed your pre-licensing course, you schedule a date to take the state exam. If you fail the test the first time around you may retest until you pass; the required interval between tests again varies from state to state. At least one online course guarantees that you will pass the test, meaning that if you don't, they will pay the fees to retest.

Once you have passed your exam, you will apply for your license and pay the required fee. Once you have your license you can become appointed with an insurance carrier to sell their products.

Check with your state department of insurance to obtain a list of certified vendors for pre-licensing courses.

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