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Family Health Insurance

what is family health insurance

Family Insurance

A family health insurance plan will cover you, your spouse and your children in the event of any injury or illness occurring. You can choose from a variety of plans that can cover your entire treatment costs at the best medical facilities in the world. This ensures that you won’t be stuck worrying about massive fees and can focus on helping your family through their tough time with the best quality medical treatments available.

Our family health insurance plans are suitable for all ages and occupations, and are annually guaranteed renewable. The tailored plans available make family health insurance perfect for the expatriate family that likes to travel. Each element of your personal family health insurance plan can be customised to fit you and your children’s various needs. If you have pre-existing conditions that need covering, we have plans that will cover you. You can choose not only the benefits that you want to be covered under your medical plan, but also the

areas you are covered in. This means that if you and your family love to travel, we can ensure you are covered no matter what country you are visiting, and if you want to be evacuated home for treatment, we can arrange that too.

An international health insurance plan from Pacific Prime guarantees that you and your family are fully protected, no matter what your needs are.

Pacific Prime have a long history in the insurance industry, and have helped to facilitate the protection of hundreds of families through high quality health insurance policies from the world’s top insurers. Our long established relationships with global insurers mean that we can offer you and your family the best deals and best protection around.

Family Plans

Local Relationships

Pacific Prime has nurtured good relationships with major locally compliant insurers worldwide. We will approach the insurers on your behalf to secure you and your children with a cost effective health insurance plan.

Customised to Each Family

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