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what is fica hi


Hi All

First time on here, need to offload.

Anyone else experiencing the lovely service from ABSA and their freezing of bank accounts because you apparently aren't FICA compliant, WITHOUT them letting you know (that you aren't compliant any longer or that they are freezing your account).

Apparently they have just completed a batch of freezes as of the end of December, so you should have a look before you find out that when you need to make payment you can't. Even the NG Kerk has been affected -notice-714334

In addition to the freeze up, the rest of what happened was appalling. Received this!/wnsky5/status. 813952/photo/1 2 days AFTER discovering that the account was frozen.

When I called that number out of curiosity, this happened:

So I just phoned that number to find out exactly what the message

actually relates to (as it doesn't mention anything about FICA etc) and I was interested to hear what they would tell me. First hurdle I don't know which option to choose, says choose internet banking or telephone banking or choose general enquiries. Now as the sms doesn't state whether this relates to my internet banking or credit card or savings account I choose general enquiries. So I speak to the lady and tell her that I received an sms stating I must call this number relating to my account being closed. So she says I phoned the wrong number, so I give her the number in the sms and then she hesitates, because I have phoned the correct number. Then she tells me that I need to have telephone banking for her to help me and that I must go into the branch. I haven't even given her my details.

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