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How do you make a fake birth certificate

how do you make a fake birth certificate

When all people are born they are issued an official birth certificate that documents the historical event by listing the people who gave birth, the date & time, the place, and some other details. Those facts never change. Even if someone else later has custody of a child, the facts of his/her birth remain the same.

If the parents relinquish custody at any time, the child's birth certificate remains the same. Some children grow up in foster care and age out. They have their OBC's intact. (original birth certificates) If the child is later adopted by someone, those adults receive an adoption decree upon the finalization. This is the official legal document that proves they legally adopted the child and are the legal parents of said child.

However, it doesn't stop there. Upon finalization of an adoption, the government will also go back and seal that child's OBC permanently from him/her. In its place, they will issue a fake, or amended birth certificate that looks similar to a real birth certificate. The fake one will state that the adoptive parents gave birth to that child instead of the actual parents. Sometimes other vital information is changed as well, at the AP's request. Then the state affixes its official state seal to the document to "verify" that it's a true & accurate record of the event, and voila - the child has been "reborn" if you will, & the actual parents have been deleted. That's why it's called fake or legal fiction.

If for any reason the AP's decide parenthood is not for them, (happens in over 20% of adoptions) they return the child (or

"rehome" them is the current PC term). Their names are then removed from the child's fake birth certificate. The child's official birth certificate is once again changed to revert back to the original one. The process repeats every time for the new adoptive parents every time someone is adopted.

This practice was started at the request of AP's and those in the adoptive industry to give AP's extra security that the bond between the child they adopted and the original family will permanently be severed. Yes, that is harsh, and yes, one would think that would be illegal. This same process is followed even in step-parent adoptions.

In a few states, adoptees are able to receive copies of their own OBC's upon adulthood. In most of them they cannot. Ever. You know how they change the ownership papers when you buy or sell your car? Yeah, amended birth certificates are kind of like that. Humans are only born once! And they are not property & should not be treated as such. They do not need new fake birth certificates issued to reflect who has current legal custody of them, especially after they are adults! This practice of changing a person's birth certificate is a disgrace as that information rightfully belongs to the person named on the original document. Everyone deserves to know who they are & where they came from. Thanks for asking so more awareness can be brought to this issue. Hope this helps explain. Yes, I realize it still doesn't make sense, but that's how it's done in adoptionland.

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julie j · 6 years ago

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