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What is Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Well, as the name of the policy states, this insurance plan covers vehicles from unpredictable fates. To put it simply, this insurance plan provides a middle ground level of protection for the driver. This is a better form of cover than that of third party insurance but it is still not as protecting as full comprehensive vehicle cover.

What Does Fire And Theft Cover Actually Mean?

This allows you to make a claim for your damaged vehicle following an attempted hi-jacking/theft. For example: if your sound system has been damaged or stolen from your vehicle, you can claim from your insurance company. The fire damage provision covers your vehicle if it has been burned by thieves trying to cover their tracks, but it also applies to other forms of fire damage.

TPFT Insurance vs Comprehensive Cover

If you are in an accident that was proven to be your fault then you

are not able to claim damage for your own vehicle through your TPFT policy. You are only able to claim for the other vehicle and for personal injury incurred by the driver of the other vehicle involved.

If you were in the same situation but had comprehensive vehicle cover, you could claim for everything, from legal fees to damage incurred to all parties involved (yourself included). Yes, TPFT is the cheaper option but does not provide full peace of mind…

TPFT Insurance Covers The Following:

  • Damage caused to other drivers, their vehicle and their property
  • Cost for repairing other cars
  • Medical cost for third parties involved
  • Legal claims
  • Vehicle theft

TPFT Does Not Cover:

  • Repair of your vehicle
  • Your medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident

Could TPFT Save Me Money In The Long Run?

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