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what is fm certification

FM Approvals: Setting the Standard in

Third-Party Certification

Your customers demand quality, and your position in the marketplace depends on producing quality products. Ensure the quality of your products and protect your market share by obtaining third-party certification from FM Approvals.

Industrial and commercial companies around the world rely on products and services that are FM Approved and specification tested to protect their properties from loss. The FM APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, tells customers your product conforms to the highest standards.

Our Mission

FM Approvals certifies products and services with a unique focus on:

  • Objectively testing property loss prevention products and services and certifying those that meet rigorous loss prevention standards.
  • Encouraging the development and use of FM Approved products and services that improve and advance property loss prevention practices.

News and Product Alerts

10 Jun 15

FM Approvals has been notified of a potential safety concern related to certain FM Approved Rosemount pressure transmitters

10 Jun 15

Dresser Inc. Masoneilan operations has notified FM Approvals of potential safety concern involving some FM Approved SVI FF Positioners

FM Approvals has been made aware of a counterfeit indicating butterfly valve resembling an FM Approved value made by Fivalco

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