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How do you say birth certificate in spanish

how do you say birth certificate in spanish

Is this considered a Certified Translation?

YES. A certified translation consists of a translated document signed by the translator or an officer of the translation agency and notarized by a Notary Public. The part signed is a sworn statement attesting that the translation company believes the translation to be truthful, accurate, complete, and the translator who completed is competent to translate and fluent in both the source and target document languages. This part of the document is called the "Certificate of Translation".

CAUTION. Some translation agencies charge as much as $75 to make the translation "certified" IN ADDITION to the translation fees!

All documents are notarized translations, or in other words, perfectly legal translations for the U.S. government and most foreign governments as well providing the original document accompanies an Apostille certificate (click here for more information on Apostilles).

All documents issued by The Accurate Translator, llc are 100% GUARANTEED to be accepted by any U.S. government requesting agency. To date, we have not had any rejected. More than 2,000 (since 2006) certificate translations have been issued by us in the past years. In the unlikely event it were to happen, all measures would be taken to find a solution, and if none could be found, your money would be promptly refunded

For what languages do you translate legal public documents (birth certificate translation, marriage license translation, death certificate translation, etc.)?

Though we are a full-service Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation agency, we are a multilingual translator of public legal documents. Translation languages for public legal documents currently include: Russian to English, French to English, English to French, Italian to English, English to Italian, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese, Romanian to English, and Arabic to English.

If the language combination you are looking for is not listed, please check directly as this list changes periodically

How long will it take to have my document translated?

On average, it takes from 2 - 4 days for smaller translation jobs to be completed not including the delivery time. If you need it sooner, please let us know when you need it in hand to find out if expediting your job sooner is possible. Rush services are also available at an extra cost (see the price list below).

How much does it cost for a marriage or birth certificate translation? How do I make payment?

  • One page, one side - Spanish to English or English to Spanish: $65.00 - $75.00. Additional pages (or sides) range from $20 - $45- This includes all Mexican birth certificates or certificates from any other Spanish speaking country.
  • Apostille Certificates (with the translation of any certificate only): $15.00
  • One page, one side - other language combinations - from: $80 - $105- Additional pages / sides from $25 - $70
  • First class USPS mail - Included - no additional charge
  • Certification / Notary fee. $4.00 for each page / side
  • Additional notarized sets - $4.00 per notarized page - with original order only
  • Rush service. Document completion of less than 36 hours: $35.00 additional
  • Overnight delivery: Actual Cost - Approximately $30.00 - $35.00
  • Digital storage of translated document for 3 years - free
  • Reprints AFTER INITIAL ORDER and additional notarized copies: $12.00 for the first notarized page, $4.00 for each subsequent notarized page. Price includes first class postage.

Prices are for marriage license translations, birth certificate translations, translations of

death certificates, divorce decrees or rulings, diplomas, high school transcripts, college transcripts, police records and background checks:

The final price will be reconfirmed after reviewing your document. After it is reviewed, information regarding the total price and time for completion will be e-mailed to you. If you are in agreement, Payment can be made in one of three ways: 1.) a link to an online invoice can be e-mailed which will then direct you to your own invoice allowing you to pay over the internet assisted by PayPal's payment services, 2.) pay by phone, 3.) or fax us over a filled out credit or debit card authorization form we can provide or you can link to. Once paid, services are confirmed and translation will begin.

NOTE: Making payment through PayPal does not require any type of membership and is treated like any other online payment.

Translations for Use Outside the United States

Individuals who may require translation services to translate a public document for use outside the United States consist of the following:

  • Immigrants: Those emigrating to another country due to marriage or other reasons
  • Newlyweds: People who wish to marry in an exotic location of a foreign country (popular for U.S. citizen wanting to marry in Mexico's resort towns)
  • Students: Individuals who wish to study abroad commonly have their academic transcripts and diplomas translated
  • Adoptive Parents: Orphanages and various child protection agencies overseas need potential parents' vital information
  • Courts: Foreign litigation may require any kind of document translated into the country's native language

We can assist you with the translation of your documents for acceptance in many foreign countries. Having highly specialized in the translation of public legal documents, we have learned important lessons on how and in which style and format these translations should be completed. Preparing a document for use in another country is similar - but not the same as how one is presented for use in the United States. One of the most important factors regarding these translations - and the one that is cause for the most delays or rejection - is the need for Apostille certificates. To learn more about these, follow the link or drop town tab under Birth Certificate Translations.

Marriage in Mexico or other Foreign Country for U.S. Citizens

At least 50% of the documents we translate are for U.S. citizens wishing to marry in some exotic destination. Of those, most are those who get married in Mexico. It is important to find out what you will need to do prior to traveling to your destination. It is highly recommended to research a good wedding planner who specializes in marriages for the destination you select. They will be able to advise you and provide information regarding all the necessary marriage application forms, travel permits (FMM or FMT in Mexico), obtaining chest X-rays and blood tests if required (usually done in the destination country before the marriage) as well as which public legal documents you will need to bring and have translated prior to departure. These public documents will include at a minimum birth certificates of the parties being married and if there was a previous marriage, either a divorce decree or death certificate as well as the previous marriage certificate. Once you have these public documents translated, your marriage planner will also be able to tell if you should have apostille certificates,.


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