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Commercial General Liability Insurance for IT Companies

what is general liability insurance coverage

General Liability Insurance Covers: Property Damage, Bodily Injury, Advertising Injury, Personal Injury (inc. Libel or Slander)

Your business faces liabilities every day. The only way to protect your assets is to carry adequate business liability insurance. A commercial general liability insurance policy is the first line of defense against many common claims.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

General liability and property coverage are the most basic types of commercial insurance and are limited to liability claims of bodily injury or property damage. General liability coverage is provided for accidents on your premises or client locations. Some client contracts also refer to these policies as comprehensive commercial liability. These policies exclude errors and omissions claims related to the delivery of your professional services. Learn more.

General Liability Policies Cover Four Categories of Business Liability:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury (including libel or slander)
  • Property damage
  • Advertising injury

Consider a General Liability Insurance Package Policy

When you're evaluating general liability insurance, consider a package policy such as a business owner's policy, or BOP. A business owner's policy combines general liability insurance and property coverage in a single insurance policy. By combining property and general liability insurance into a BOP, you

may find that you can get lower rates than you would get from two separate policies.

Free, No-Obligation General Liability Insurance Quote

TechInsurance offers free, no-obligation general liability insurance quotes. After you submit an application. a detailed quote will be e-mailed directly to you, usually the following business day. If you like what you see, you can start your coverage immediately. It's as simple as that.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

TechInsurance works with leading insurance carriers such as AIG, Chubb and Hartford Insurance to provide commercial general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for as little as $350 to $500 per year. Our general liability insurance and property package policy provides commercial liability insurance, as well as protection for your company's computers and other assets.

About TechInsurance

TechInsurance was created in 1997 to respond to the growing demand from IT service firms for high-quality, affordable business insurance. We provide IT companies with simple, comprehensive solutions for all their small-business insurance requirements, including professional liability. general liability. umbrella liability. and workers compensation insurance. Our streamlined procedures, along with our knowledge of the IT field, have contributed to the success of our Web-based agency, making us one of the IT industry’s top choices for business insurance.

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