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What is good auto insurance coverage

what is good auto insurance coverage


Best Answer: When you have comprehensive and collision coverage as well as your liability.

Collision will cover YOUR property in an at fault accident.

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The term "full coverage" is used loosely in the auto insurance industry. Although some people will say having liability and comprehensive and collision coverage consists of "full coverage", you're not "fully" covered.

When you purchase a vehicle, and the dealer requires coverage for their car, you're going to need comprehensive and collision coverage (which covers the car of any damages minus a deductable), so their cars protected. Since you need liability to cover the third party (plus it's the law in most states), you're automatically going to need that.

Other coverages you can add to have more protection for yourself would be.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist - This covers your passengers if you get hit without insurance. If you

only have liability and C&C coverage, and someone hits you with no insurance, then your passengers aren't covered by your company. Adding this coverage on would take care of this.

Medical - This covers yourself and your passengers if you're at fault in an accident, and you and your passengers need medical attention.

Towing/Rental - This will provide you coverage if you're in an accident and you need your car towed. The rental will pay for your replacement vehicle while your car is being fixed because of a loss in your car. Most inurance companies offer these as reimbursement programs. This means that you pay, provide receipts to the insurance company and you get reimbursed.

Adding these extra coverages gives you better protection then just having liability and comprehensive and collision. Talk to your agent to see what best fits you.

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