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What is good conduct certificate

what is good conduct certificate

From: Charles Bell

Dear Slough Borough Council,

This question relates to potential employees and volunteers who

seek to engage in providing services to children and vulnerable


1. Please provide your policy and practice guidance on vetting and

debarring including provisions concerning certificates of good

conduct (CGC).

2. CGCs.

What is the legal basis for requesting them?

Who applies and pays for them? In relation to some countries

individuals can give others a power of attorney.

A government-commissioned report suggests that for some countries

CGC information may be unreliable. What steps do you take to verify

it if the person to whom it relates challenges it?

How do you ensure that CGCs obtained from overseas are consistent

with the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and dont

include, for example, convictions for matters that would not be a

crime in the UK or would be considered spent under the

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act?

3. I refer to Article 8 of the Human Rights Act and the recent case

of (R(T) v Chief Constable of Greater Manchester and Others [2013]

EWCA) concerning the right to privacy. What steps have you taken or

do you intend to take and to what effect to amend your policies

concerning vetting and debarring and certificates of good conduct

in light of this ruling?

4. Your Local Authority is known to employ a significant number of

social workers who trained outside of the UK (34: information

provided before its demise by the General Social Care Council) and

came to you as foreign nationals; others may have taken up British

citizenship since then. Where such persons take leave of

absence(e.g. maternity leave, extended sick leave)for a period of

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