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Before starting to list the characteristics of GOST Russia certification, before speaking about the laws of the Russian Federation governing Certificates, before writing about how essential is the GOST Russia Certificate for virtually types of goods and about how the Gost Standard has evolved over time, before indeed describing the function of TechSert and the excellent service it is able to offer, we think it is wise to be practical and answer some important questions:

What documents are needed to estimate cost and terms for a Gost Russia certification?

The first step on the way to GOST R certification is to understand exactly how Russian law classifies production, which is why there are four items of information needed:
  • Name of the product.
  • Customs Product Code: this code is essential to determine in which commodity group the product belongs. This code will also be printed on the certificate: it is obvious that the code on the GOST Russia certificate must be the same on all documents for that product.
  • Brief description of the product: by "brief description" we really mean minimal, such as that you would use in a product brochure. For rare cases in which the information given is not enough, probably because of [the] exceptional complexity of the product or of potential confusion with other similar products, we will ask specifically for the information needed.
  • Pictures or drawings of product: this information is often unnecessary, but sometimes it is very useful to understand the exact function of the product and its appearance.
  • Later on, if you decide to proceed with GOST certification, an ISO certificate of conformity ISO or a CE Marking of your product may be required, but only in a few rare cases.

Do I need to translate documents to Russian?

No ; for the documents we ask it is sufficient to provide English versions. The most important thing is the name of the product, which must remain consistent on all documents and which must necessarily be written in Russian letters. The translation into Russian may be done directly by us, provided however, that your documents maintain the same denomination from then on.

The GOST Russia Ex-Proof is an exception. This certificate corresponds to the European ATEX certification. In this case, some documents may be requested to be written in Russian.

Is a separate Gost Russia certificate required for each model?

No ; products to be certified are grouped into categories and a single certificate can contain not just several models, but also several different similar products.

How much does a Gost R certification cost?

Rather little, especially when compared to an ISO or CE. Prices vary depending on type of production and on duration of validity.Amongst the most economic, we find the GOST R certificates for food and clothing, ranging between 200 and 500 euros depending on the duration. Meanwhile, the cost ofa certificate for industrial machinery, with prices, depending on the duration and type of certificate, ranging between 700 and 1500 euroS. The price may increase when many products or models (more than 10) are covered by a single certificate.

An exception is the GOST Russia Ex-Proof, that corresponds to the European ATEX certification. For this certificate, if accompanied by the aforementioned European certificate, prices can range from 3 thousand to 8 thousand euros.

How much time do you need to produce a GOST certificate?

A few hours are sufficient for a GOST Russia certificate[,]: most of this is taken up with processing contracts and choosing the right translation of the name of the product.

An exception is the GOST Russia Ex-Proof, corresponding to the European ATEX certification. For this certificate, which must be accompanied by the aforementioned European certificate, the preparation time varies between one week and 2 months.

What is the difference between GOST and GOST R?

There are no differences, they are only two names developed over several years and during the transition process from USSR to Russian Federation. It is however very important to note that when the initials TR appear on a GOST certificate

has, these identify it as a Gost issued according to Technical Regulation which is a parallel institution, about which you can read more on this site.

What point of exportation is the GOST Russia certificate necessary at?

In order to respond the most comprehensive fashon, and since many times, most certificates are required at the same time, the answer will be expanded to all documents for Russia, TechSert is able to provide.

Documents that must accompany the product at Russian customs:
  • Sanitary registration (SGR)
  • Certificate of conformity Gost R
  • Certificate of conformity according to technical regulation Gost TR
  • Declaration of conformit Gost R
  • Exemption letter
  • Registration of medical devices
Documents not required for customs:
  • Gost R Ex-proof (ATEX)
  • Rostechnadzor permit to install

We do not just sell certificates, but rather reliability and efficiency.

Hi, my name is Matteo Ferrara and I head TechSert.

TechSert is a certification body for GOST R in Russia, it has been created because we believe in your production quality and in your creativity and we believe that your products should enjoy the best conditions possible when they cross borders and are marketed in Russia.

If you have reached this page, perhaps it is because you currently have a GOST R certificate for Russia, such as one of the types Rostekhnadzor, Fire safety or Sanitary, which is about to expire. Maybe you obtained your certificate through an agency in your country, and were not satisfied because of the high price due to various intermediaries, so you decided to save money by directly contacting the source of the GOST R certification in Russia and consequently have discovered TechSert.

Perhaps instead, to obtain the GOST R certificate or RTN permit, you applied directly to Russia to keep prices low, and you found yourself facing a cultural gap, methodical and linguistic that adversely affected your whole experience. Maybe you are planning to bring, your products to Russia for the first time, and you need GOST R certification, a permit to use Rostekhnadzor (RTN), a health certificate, or one of the numerous certificates required or recommended in Russia. Before doing this, you need to understand exactly what GOST R certification is, which Russian permits or other certificates are in force, as well as to understand their fields of use, the procedures for obtaining them, and especially the costs.

In all of these cases you have come to the best place. With TechSert you will find the lowest prices in the market and the best possible service, with no misunderstandings, and a good appreciation of your needs.

We are not here to persuade you to buy a certificate GOST R. Certification is a mandatory step for about 80% of goods sold in Russia and the other 20% almost certainly does not concern you.

We're here, rather because we know how complicated it is to approach Russian bureaucracy and Gost R certification in particular, and we know we can make the difference for you between a procedure for obtaining a certificate quickly, simply and cheaply and one where, on the contrary, you may easily waste a lot of time and money.

Gost R in a few hours and without brokers

Techsert ensuresyour acquiring a GOST R certificate within a few hours of signing the contract and choosing the most appropriate translation for your product.

Not only Gost Certificates

We do not deal only with the most commonly known Gost R, but with a wide range of certificates and "permits to install" required both in Russia and Ukraina (UkrSEPRO), Kazakhstan (Gost K), Belarus (BelST) and for the whole Eurasian Economic Union (Euroses) which these countries, except for Ukraina, belong to. Browsing the site you can find out more detailS about each of these types of certification:

Gost R mandatory 1 year, 3 years, single delivery

Voluntary Gost R 1 year, 3 years, single delivery

Gost R Declaration of Conformity

Fire Protection Certificate

Explosion-proof Certificate

Registration of medical devices

Free consultancy for certification

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