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HC2 certificates?

what is hc2 certificate

I'm not certain this is the right place to post this, but it seemed like the most appropriate.

I have an issue with my jaw, which I took to the student health service doctor today (at Bristol) where I was told that I had a dental issue - apparently I have an overbite and my teeth aren't quite aligned, which is what's causing me my strangeness and pain in my jaw.

So I've been in contact with dental surgeries where they apparently accept NHS patients, and I need either an HC2 or an HC3 certificate? Which I can get by getting an HC1 form, filling that out to get an HC2 one, which I can send off to Newcastle where they'll review my case and see if I'm eligible for treatment on the


I didn't ask a lot of questions at the doctors because I'd unwittingly assumed it was easy to go to the dentist (where she said they'd only be referring me to a specialist anyway. ), but can anybody tell me if this is worth all of this time and effort? I really want something to get sorted quickly, my jaw is being so frustrating, but nowhere near as frustrating as all of this! I don't think it'll even be free because I'm 19, and apparently they reject you if you receive money from your parents. Should I bother?

The advice on the NHS website makes it seem really unclear as to what it will get me, and whether or not I can even get it.

Please somebody know about it?

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